Friday, October 01, 2010

Welcoming October and Autumn

I can't quite afford to spend $120 to send a gift cake, but isn't this Pumpkin Cake beautiful?

Happy first day of October! I'm so looking forward to autumn.


  • Tidy up for the weekend before you leave to do fun things tonight (Dinner? Movie?) - Freshen bathrooms, empty trash cans, remove clutter from mail table or entryway, hang up coats, put away shoes, remove clutter from living room, empty or fill dishwasher as needed, wipe down kitchen counters.

  • Need to stop at an ATM for cash for the weekend?

  • Fill up with gas on the way home.

  • Pay rent, mortgage or other bills due today

  • Take a moment or two to flip through your calendar for the next month. Notice any upcoming birthdays, anniversaries or other celebrations you should be part of. Make plans to send cards, buy gifts, send flowers, or whatever else you might want to do to express your apprecation for someone else.

  • Do you need to make any October salon, dentist, dermatologist, eye doctor, vet, or other appointments?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Birthday Celebration

I'm not doing a homemaking project tonight because instead, I'm helping my sister celebrate her birthday! So tomorrow I'll do an extra long project just so I don't fall behind in my plans for getting my kitchen ready for August.

Have a fun Friday night, everyone!


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