Sunday, November 28, 2010

Autumn Beauty Routine

What will be on my nails this holiday season: OPI's Merry Me, from Sephora

Today I'm taking care of myself so I'll continue to look my best through the holidays. I'm not obsessing over trying to be beautiful or glamorous or anything like that, just making sure I feel pretty when I go to this week's round of parties, dinners, lunches and cafes.


  • How are you doing on eating up and using up Thanksgiving leftovers? Don't be afraid to throw out something you know you won't actually eat.

  • Need to do any post-Thanksgiving laundry? The clothes your family traveled in? Bedding your guests slept in? Towels from the kitchen? Bath towels?

  • Need to catch up with some friends? Things may have been so busy with family over the holiday that you haven't gotten to see or talk to your favorite people lately.

  • If you took a Thanksgiving road trip, do you need to clean out your car?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Autumn Beauty

I was a good girl and threw out lots of old cosmetics this month, so I hope Santa brings me this Stila "Make an Impression in Moscow" travel palette!

Today I'm making time to take care of my skin and body. I'll be shaving, sea salt scrubbing, moisturizing, and giving myself a manicure and pedicure. I also probably need to redo my roots (my hair is currently fake reddish and gray - time to make it dark brown again!) I'll make a relaxing evening of it with good music, wine, my fireplace, and my phones turned off.

LOVELY BLOGS: Tomayto Tomaaahto

I am so glad I happened across this blog by Ruby, an American foodie living in London. She recently visited Kuwait and you just have to see the gorgeous and amazing photographs of her relatives preparing, serving and eating Kuwaiti foods. My mouth is watering so much right now. The blogger is a fantastic photographer too. Besides her fabulous Kuwait travel posts, you might enjoy her posts on a full English breakfast, ratatouille Provencale, and sugared plum pudding.


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Ruby said...

Carrie - I followed my web stats back and found this post on your blog and you've totally made my day! Thank you very much for your kind words - I'm off to explore YOUR blog now! :-)