Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday: A New Week Begins, and November Midpoint

New for the holidays: Merry Berry Lotion Set from Crate & Barrel


  • Clean out your fruit bowl - any spoiled fruit you need to throw out? Need to put fresh fruit on your grocery shopping list?

  • Is it time to get your snow tires put on your car?

  • Return any phone calls you may have missed over the weekend.

  • Try to clean out your email inbox (if needed) today. Answer and delete or archive emails.

  • Need to wrap and label any Christmas gifts tonight?

  • Thanksgiving is in less than two weeks. How are you doing with preparations for your meal, guests, or your own travel?

  • Do you send out Thanksgiving cards? I have just a couple people I want to especially tell that I'm thinking about them on Thanksgiving. So, I'll mail some cards off today.

  • Start thinking about making your New Year's Eve reservations. In some major cities, it's already too late to get a reservation at the swankiest hotels and trendiest restaurants.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Overall Cleaning

Tonight I'm going out to a jazz club with my sister and her friend. I'll want to finish my workday half an hour early to give myself time to dress and put on makeup before we go out.

But first, I'm doing a quick once-over on almost every room of the house. This way I can have fun going out tonight and not worry about any housecleaning projects when I get home late.

I'll quickly vacuum both of my living rooms, put my freshly laundered tablecloth on the dining table, empty my kitchen and bathroom trash cans, declutter my mail table, do a quick mop on my kitchen floor, run around the house looking for mugs and drinking glasses, put a few dishes into the dishwasher, and make my bed. I won't have time to deal with my messy home office, so I'll just shut the door to it before I leave!

LOVELY BATH & BODY: Gingerbread House Tin

Lush's Gingerbread House Tin would be a great gift for the bubble bath enthusiast or teenager in your life. It comes with a Cinders bath bomb, Gingerbread House Bubble Bar, Candy Cane Bubble Bar, and a pudding-scented bath bomb. I love, love, love the packaging!


I'm personally allergic to ginger, but I think I'll keep one of these adorably-illustrated boxes of Ginger Snappish holiday tea around for guests. Most of my guests seem to prefer decaffeinated teas in the evening, so this will be a nice alternative to boring old chamomile.

LOVELY BLOGS: Folk and Fairy

When I'm in a fanciful mood, I browse this blog of fairy-related finds and enjoy the pretty pictures. She blogs about art, products, a vineyard with fairy lights, and the trailer for Helen Mirren's The Tempest. I wish this blog were updated a bit more often, I'd like to see more of her finds.


This blog presents one old painting every day. I'm amazed how long this person has been posting away faithfully. I love her selections. Recent paintings featured include Glyn Philpot's "Girl at Her Toilet" from 1908; "Basket of Eggs" by
Henri-Horace-Roland Delaporte, the 1891 "Pomegranate, Lovebird" by
Imao Keinen, and a not-so-old album cover from 2010.


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