Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Holiday Homemaking Checklist

Are you ready for the holidays? Is your home cozy, inviting, safe, festive, clean and organized?


Amaryllis and Pine Wreath, at Pier 1

  • Is your porch free from clutter?

  • Are there festive decorations outside?

  • Do you have a wreath on your front door, and a holiday doormat?

  • Has your walk been shoveled if you live in an area with snow?

  • Has your porch been swept?


Holly Kissing Ball, at Williams-Sonoma

  • Did you sweep inside the entryway of your home?

  • Is mail stored away, rather than dumped on an entry table?

  • Coats hung up, boots or shoes lined up by the door or put away?

  • Room in the coat closet for guests' things?

  • What do you smell when you've been outside and return into your home? Is the smell pleasant, and does it evoke the holiday spirit? If not, what can you light (candles, incense, home fragrance oil) or spray or put on the stove to give your home a wonderful scent?


Le Creuset Teakettle, at Williams-Sonoma

  • Refrigerator and freezer clean and organized? Room to store leftovers? If you put pictures on your fridge, do you have any up of your guests' children? Perhaps you might want to quickly put up any holiday photo cards you recently received?

  • Counters clear and shining? Room for you and for guests to work?

  • Sink shiny clean too?

  • Clean towels hanging neatly at hand (preferably holiday themed towels)? Potholders ready?

  • Dishwasher empty?

  • Holiday bakeware and serveware accessible and ready for use?

  • Floor mopped?

  • Pet food dishes cleaned and the area around the bowls tidy?

  • Waste basket emptied?

  • Cookie jar (if any) full of fresh holiday cookies for guests to help themselves to?


  • Table set with a clean tablecloth, candles, a holiday centerpiece, festive dishes and napkins?

  • Floor swept or mopped as needed?

  • Clutter removed from room?

  • Pictures or paintings dusted?

  • Curtains clean?

  • Curio cabinet, hutch or buffet dusted?


  • Room vacuumed?

  • Couches straight, vacuumed or brushed, pillows straight?

  • Throws folded?

  • Coffee table dusted, set with something festive?

  • Kleenex nearby?

  • Remote controls at hand and cleaned off?

  • TV, media cabinet and electronics dusted?

  • Spare DVDs or video games put away?


  • Clean linens on bed? Bed made? Does it look inviting?

  • Basket of treats by the bed, and fresh drinking water (and cup) nearby?

  • Room sprayed with something nice smelling so it isn't musty?

  • Clutter moved or put away?

  • Empty wastebasket nearby? Kleenex at the ready?

  • Intriguing book or two by nightstand?

  • Extra blanket at the foot of the bed?


  • Clean and picked up?

  • Rooms vacuumed?

  • Beds made?

  • Closets closed?


  • Floor mopped, swept or vacuumed as needed?

  • Clutter put away?

  • Computer locked down if you want to keep people off it, or ready to go if you want to allow people to use it?

  • Financial documents, notes and Post-Its put away out of sight of snoopy people? Password notes hidden away?


  • Ready to act as a haven for you to escape to and relax in?

  • Bed made with clean sheets?

  • Wastebasket emptied?

  • Closet sorted so you can find what you're wearing on Christmas Eve and Christmas?


How does your house smell? Does it look and smell inviting? Does it feel cozy? Notice any drafts you should do something about? How is the temperature in your home - will it be too warm once a bunch of people arrive?

Is your hostess (you!) relaxed and eager to receive company cheerfully?

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