Monday, December 27, 2010

Cleaning Up Between Holidays


  • Fill up with gas if needed

  • Are you going out tonight? Make reservations and socialization plans. Staying in by the warm fire like we are? Light your fire and get out something bubbly. I always end up with way too much leftover unopened champagne bottles after New Year's. This year I'm starting to enjoy champagne in the days leading up to New Year's too!

  • Be sure to put any gift cards you received into the purse or wallet you're carrying with you. You never know when you'll end up at a mall and see something intriguing to use your gift card on.

  • Think about the thank-you cards you need to write very soon for any gifts you were given for Christmas. I'll work on mine tomorrow, but I need to jot down some quick notes on who gave me which gift.

  • Anybody you tried to call but weren't able to get in touch with on Christmas? Anybody you forgot to call? Have any relatives with a birthday a couple days after Christmas, like I do? Make some quick calls today and tomorrow to catch up.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Holiday Cleanup

Is your Christmas tree still green and pretty? Can you get away with leaving it up for the New Year? If not, take it down and get rid of it. Store ornaments and decorations away properly. Take the time to do it right so you won't damage your possessions. My baby tree is really dry, so I'm taking it down tonight.

Even if you plan to leave Christmas decorations up for another week, I bet you can find some projects to do tonight really quickly. If you entertained at home, you likely have vacuuming, clutter clearing, and kitchen cleaning to do. How are your bathrooms - did your houseguests use them often? Refill toilet paper, launder towels and hand towels. Need to do laundry tonight to change sheets?

If you were away, do you need to unpack your bags, do laundry from your trip, put away gifts, put away children's toys and books you took on your trip, start thank you notes?

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