Monday, December 06, 2010

Family Night

My aunt got me this lovely Peacock Wreath from Pier 1. I already have a berry wreath I use on my front door, so this is hanging proudly in my peacock-themed guest room instead. I often have to walk in to visit it!

Tonight is Family Night at my house. It's usually on Sundays, but I had a cold yesterday. Our Family Night is just a simple dinner and time spent together. We don't watch movies because it's a worknight/schoolnight and we wouldn't get to talk and catch up that way. So we eat at the table together, talk over our past week, and then retire to a comfy couch with hot tea to visit some more. I'm glad I have a few family members who make this a priority with me.


  • Is there a family member you should give a catchup phone call to this evening? I like doing this long before Christmas so they don't think it's an obligatory "It's the holidays so I guess I really should call you" call.

  • Do a quick sort-through on your fruit bowl and bread basket. Anything you need to throw out? I have to say goodbye to two pears we didn't eat fast enough, the end of an old loaf of bread, a sad looking squash my neighbor gave me, and a hard lime.

  • Catch up with your laundry, if needed, so you don't have big piles that carry any further into the work week.

  • Wrap presents and write holiday cards if you have time tonight before bed.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Tackling Something Big

Before I leave to visit my family members tonight, I will do a substantial housecleaning project.

What needs most to be done in your house? Do you need to do a whole bunch of little maintenance de-cluttering and straightening, or do you need to attack an entire room?

Give yourself time today - but don't get so focused on the cleaning that you make yourself crazy or don't have time for your family.

Today the project I need to do most I think is my home office. I need to dust and vacuum badly, and there are piles of papers and merchandise on the floor that need to be put away somewhere. My backup printer is on the floor and should be put in the closet, and two drawers need to be sorted in my desk.

While I'm working in my office, I should launder my dusty curtains and wash the windows while the curtains are down.

I'll be able to think more clearly, feel relaxed, and get more done in a clean, fresh smelling office tomorrow morning.

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