Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Relaxing Evening

It fills me with joy to come home to a house all lit up with Christmas lights!


  • If you've been using your fireplace, need to clean it out so you can lay a fresh nice fire tonight?

  • Have you been burning candles? Need to trim any wicks, clean out any gunky wax, or set out fresh candles tonight?

  • Fridge and freezer maintenance - Clean out one shelf, one drawer, or two door shelves from both your fridge and freezer. Doing this faithfully every weekend means your fridge is completely sorted out every month. Or you can industriously clean it all out at once and get it over with!

  • Get out "the good dishes." Even if you aren't making a fancy meal tonight, use your fanciest dishes for your dinner. It might take a bit of extra work (you might have to hand wash them) but it will make tonight's meal magical.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Holiday Celebration

Peppermint Marshmallow Pops, at Crate & Barrel

No matter what holiday you celebrate, spend time with family, friends, pets, and yourself tonight. Relax and enjoy and let the housekeeping sort of take care of itself. You might do a quick vacuum, pick up wrapping paper, or wipe down the kitchen counters, but don't kill yourself cleaning. You'll miss out on spending holiday time with the family. Play games, read books, watch a movie together, or bake up a big fun mess in the kitchen.

Our lives can't be 100% housekeeping 100% of the time. Our homes shouldn't look like magazine pictures, because then they won't look warm, cozy, lived in and enjoyed.

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