Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Add Happiness and Color to Your Life

Lately I've been reading a lot of books about happiness: The Happiness Project and Alexandra Stoddard's Choosing Happiness book most recently.

Though I enjoyed the many tips on living a happy life, I wondered why I bought these books. I'm pretty happy (though there are a few things in my life I'm working to fix. Like the being single part!). I wonder if unhappy people gravitate to buying these books, or if already-happy people read them to validate ourselves. Maybe happy people are open to learning more ways to be even happier.

What I learned from all the Happiness books I read this week (besides the obvious - eat right, exercise, surround yourself with happy energetic people, and get enough sleep! - is it's all in your attitude. Happiness also takes work - conscious, mindful, daily work.

I can affect my happiness with the choices and decisions I make. I can choose to sing while I fold laundry; look out the window at my beautiful rainy, green backyard while I do the dishes; enjoy my favorite tea while I work on the computer; play with my dogs energetically; and make plans to visit with friends often.


  • In the last 2 weeks, have you gone to lunch, dinner, or Sunday brunch with your best friend? If not, drop everything and make an appointment with her to do so ASAP. We shouldn't all be "soooo busy" that we don't have time in our lives for fulfilling friendships.

  • We can't air out our houses right now due to the cold winter air, so what can we do to keep our homes smelling fresh? Launder your bedding, towels, area rugs or floor mats; spritz sheets and pillows with lavender; boil a pan of water and cinnamon sticks on the stove; or perform your own favorite homemaking fragrance trick tonight.

  • Check over your fruit bowl - anything you need to discard? Do you have fruit you can slice to eat tonight? What do you need to put on your grocery shopping list? Right now I'm delighted to find blood oranges in stock in the stores.


Tonight do something that makes YOU happy; and plan to do something tomorrow to make someone else happy.

Also - are you surrounded with beautiful bright colors? Do you have something colorful to wear tomorrow? Pretty stationery in a bold color you can write a letter on? A vivid mug or cup you can drink your tea out of tonight?

LOVELY BLOGS: Color Sizzle

This is designer Kelly Porter's inspiring, beautiful blog about using color in your home decor. She's currently posting about fiery red, wasabi green, peacock blue and smokey grey, and honeysuckle. I think you'll have a delightful time browsing all her finds and ideas!


I just discovered this playful, colorful line of makeup. It was designed by a New York City makeup artist who couldn't find cosmetics colorful enough for her taste. She hired chemists to help her create extremely bright eyeshadows and lipsticks. I love the playful names of her eyeshadows - "Dragon Scales," "Cupcake Thief," "Mischief Managed" and "Abracadabra." My favorite lipstick by Lime Crime is "Centrifushia."


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