Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Back From Vacation

Me, at lunch with my cousin on her birthday


  • Need to take laundry out of the dryer to fold and sort?

  • Pet maintenance - Need to wash pet bedding today? Sanitize their food bowls? Clean the floor around said food bowls? Bathe or brush your pet? Inventory any pet medicine to see if you need a refill for them?

  • I like to give my kitchen floor a quick mid-week mop. How is yours looking?

  • What are you doing for fun this next weekend? Check with friends and make plans ahead of time if possible.

  • Carve out ten minutes today to just sit by yourself in a room with your feet up, and treat yourself to wine, coffee or tea and a magazine. (Enlist your partner's help if your children make this ten minute reprieve difficult to attain).

A restaurant on the beach during my Huntington Beach/Newport Beach vacation this week. I'm a shameless 41-year-old cougar, watching college-age boys play volleyball!

TODAY'S PROJECT: Mid-Week Maintenance

I've been gone for six days, so I have quite a bit of housework to catch up on. My roommate helps out - I came home to freshly vacuumed carpet, empty trash cans and a clean kitchen. But there are all those little things that need attention - televisions dusted, curtains to be Febrezed quickly, coffee table de-cluttered and dusted, a lightbulb changed, etc.

After doing a quick sweep through of the house to de-clutter and collect drinking glasses, empty recycling and sort my mail, I'll probably do some maintenance cleaning in the kitchen. I'll clean the microwave, stove and oven, and sort out a cupboard that is really getting out of control. Not the most exciting project in the world, but one that my home will be better for after I'm done.


There are several opportunities in the weeks ahead for you to throw a fun party. You can throw a delightful party without an excuse, of course, but I do like to throw parties centered around a particular theme.

Check out this list and see if you get inspired to host your friends, treating them to an enjoyable time.

LOVELY BLOGS: Storybook Woods

A lovely blog on homeschooling, nature walks, cooking, children's books, crafts, and dinner parties. The blogger has also written a book called "Wren Bay" on making her home.

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Storybook Woods said...

Why thank you Carrie, I am so glad you mentioned my blog and book. Clarice