Friday, January 28, 2011

"Try Something New Week" Continues

Pink Heart Jewelry Box Cake, at Dean & Deluca

It's still "Try Something New Week." Have you challenged yourself to try new things?


  • Do you know what friends you're spending time with this weekend? Get on the phone, Facebook, or your email and make some fun plans!

  • Fill up with gas for the weekend; get cash at an ATM if needed.

  • Any end-of-the-month bills you need to pay today?

  • Tidy your house for the weekend - Empty or fill dishwasher, wipe down kitchen counters, take out recycling, empty trash cans, de-clutter living room and mail table, wipe bathroom mirrors and counters, replace toilet paper, change hand towels.

  • Can you clear one item off your kitchen counters - finding it a permanent home out of sight elsewhere?

  • What are you wearing tonight? Something black and chic? something colorful? Set out something to change into that makes you feel pretty - even if you aren't going out tonight!

TODAY'S PROJECT: Try Something New

It's still "Try Something New Week." If you're participating along with me, how are you enjoying your experiment?

Ideas for trying new things today and this weekend:

  • If you normally drink a certain type of tea or coffee (my favorite is Earl Grey) switch it up and try something different. Green tea? Hibiscus? Trader Joe's new Vanilla Cinnamon?

  • Try an unusual ethnic restaurant tonight.

  • Drive home from work using a different route than you normally do - even if it takes a few minutes more. Pay attention to the scenery and differences from your regular way.

  • Read a different genre of book in bed tonight. Normally read mysteries? Try a sci-fi book that might be laying around your house.

  • Watch a different news station than you normally do tonight.

  • Plan something different to serve for breakfast tomorrow. Normally do pancakes on Saturday? Try homemade hash browns, dust off your waffle maker, or serve crepes instead.

  • If it's nice enough weather tomorrow, take your kids (or pets) to a different park, farther away from home than you normally frequent.

  • Plant an unusual bulb in the garden - you'll surprise yourself come spring and fall next year.

  • Bake up something interesting in the kitchen, maybe something you haven't tried making before.

LOVELY BLOGS: Magical Days With the Mouse

An Anaheim mom shares her love of Disneyland. She makes frequent mid-week trips to the beloved amusement park, and often sees things casual tourists might miss. I love looking at blogs like this on cold rainy dark Seattle days - I can daydream that I'm at Disneyland checking out It's a Small World's new show. Sarah is an excellent photographer as well - you'll enjoy seeing her photos.


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