Thursday, February 17, 2011

Returning From a Trip

Tired from my work trip, I'm looking forward to slipping into a hot apple-cinnamon bath tonight using this Fizzbanger bath bomb from Lush

This week I went to Las Vegas for work, to the Magic retail trade show and to Accessories the Show. I'm tired from the exhausting trip, but also a bit overwhelmed by all the things I have to do here at the house after being gone four days.

I'm going to try to stay focused, do my tasks in order (not flit from this to that) and balance my homemaking time with time for me, friends and my other work.


  • Have you put away your Valentine's decorations? Time to get out your Spring themed decor, if any?

  • Almost through the workweek! Anything you need to do so you're going into the weekend with a clean home? Vacuuming, mopping of kitchen floor?

  • Make social plans for this weekend so you and your friends have a bit of notice and advance planning.

  • Will you be eating dinner on a clean tablecloth tonight? Be sure to change yours if it is soiled.

  • Plan a special Friday lunch for your kids if you are the one who packs their lunch boxes. It will be easier to surprise them with something special tomorrow if you plan ahead today.

  • Anything you need to pick up from the dry cleaners? If so, drop off any clothing that needs to be cleaned, since you're already there.

  • Need to pick up any milk, produce or fruit juices on your way home today?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Recovering From a Trip

I'm planning a stay-at-home quiet night tonight after all the excitement of Las Vegas. I'll unpack my suitcase, do laundry, spend extra time with my pets, and whip the house back into shape. Afterwards, I'll put my feet up and catch up on some mindless TV.

The kitchen looks great, thanks to my roommate, so I'll be able to focus on vacuuming, mopping floors, sorting my mail, catching up on email, and clearing off my messy bathroom counter that became a tornado area as I packed for my trip.

I'm also slowly starting to take down my Valentine decorations and put up general Spring ones. My theme is beige and light pink. I'm switching out candles, placemats, table runners and tablecloths tonight.

LOVELY BLOGS: Purple Chocolat Home

Today I'd like to share with you a nice food and decor styling blog I stumbled onto. Check out the quiches and Paris tablescape, a lovely reminiscence of spending Valentine's Day in Paris, a tour of the blogger's favorite kitchen gadgets, and a tutorial on making fresh chocolate raspberry cups. You'll love browsing the beautiful posts here!


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