Thursday, March 31, 2011

End of the Month and Spring Cleaning's Done!

It's the end of the month. Look back over your March, reflecting on how you did on your personal goals. Did you accomplish things you set out to do? Did you meet a happy balance between work, family, friends, kids, pets, and yourself? Ate healthily, treated yourself on occasion, exercised, stuck to your budget? Tried new things?

Don't beat yourself up over areas you haven't met your goals, just tell yourself you'll do better in April!


  • Use up, eat and enjoy any fruit in your fruit bowl. Around here nobody else other than me will eat fruit unless it's peeled and sliced for them. (Eyeroll).

  • Water houseplants as needed, and turn them around so the other half gets light this week.

  • If you're a member of a book club, are you caught up with the book for this month?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Spring Cleaning My Closet

This is actually not a weeknight task. I probably will be working on my closet tonight, tomorrow afternoon, and all Saturday before I leave for my birthday party.

I'm going to be forceful with myself and make myself try on some of the dresses I'm questionable about. Time to donate them to charity if I can't fit into them anymore. I've been the same dress size for 5 years now, so if I haven't worn something because it doesn't fit, it's time to give up and accept that.

I'm sorting dresses, shirts, pants and skirts, leaving shoes, purses and nightgowns for the weekend. I'm excited to see all the forgotten dresses I'm sure I will discover at the back of the closet. Just in time to wear some for Spring!

LOVELY BLOGS: Almost Bourdain

Ellie blogs from Sydney, Australia. I've enjoyed checking out her recent recipes for Tofu Salad with Red Shiso (though I would have to skip the bonito fish flakes as I'm a vegetarian), homemade Szechuan Chili Oil, and Dark Chocolate Souffle Tart. I know I'll keep checking in with this blog every few days to see more of her beautiful food photography!

LOVELY FASHION: Art Deco Evening Gowns

I adore Art Deco styling, and these lovely evening gowns are making me swoon. I've been fortunate enough to own a few Art Deco styled evening gowns in recent years, and I find myself turning to them again and again for fancy dinners out, the theater, and even dressy cocktail parties. It's difficult to find unusual dresses like these in the stores. I'm a bit concerned, looking through here, as their photography makes all the gowns look extremely seethrough. I'm hoping I wouldn't have to worry about finding a slip to wear under one of these, should I save up and purchase one. Hope they are lined like all the other evening gowns I've ever bought in stores. Anyway, enjoy browsing these gorgeous beaded gowns!

LOVELY FOOD: High Heel Chocolates

I've seen (and admired) chocolates shaped like high heeled shoes before, but these really got my attention with their gorgeous colorful and unique designs. There's a pink and black zebra design, a modern beige and brown artsy pattern, and and black-and-white polka dots with red bows and heels. Too decadent to splurge on for myself, but I'll file this away in my mental "Fantastic gifts" file.

Chocolate Pumps and Purses, at Sweet Bliss

LOVELY PETS: Martini Cat Condo

I've given up on buying cat condos, scratching posts and even pet beds for my cat, Tyler. He just doesn't use them, preferring instead to sleep in my nursery crib, in my bed, on top of a bookcase, and scratch couches. If I still bought cat furniture, I'd be sorely tempted by this whimsical martini-glass shaped condo! I love it when companies think up something so unusual and different from all the other products out there. Their other cat furniture is extremely cool too, offering castles, an alien spaceship, and the sinking Titanic.

Martini Condo, at Hollywood Kitty Co


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