Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday, Awaiting Spring

Fuzzy Chicks for Easter Decor, at Williams-Sonoma


  • Spiff up your home for the weekend. Empty or fill dishwasher as needed; wipe kitchen counters; empty trash can and
    take out recycling; wipe bathroom sinks and counters; replace hand towels in bathrooms and kitchen. De-clutter entryway, mail table,
    coffee table and dining table as needed. Toss out dead flowers, line up remotes neatly, fold throws and blankets, make beds.

  • Fill up with gas and visit an ATM for cash if needed

  • Make weekend socialization plans if you haven't already. Build in some down time for yourself too though.

  • Lay out something pretty to wear tonight or tomorrow when you go out.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Returning From a Trip

There won't be any Spring Cleaning projects for me today. I've been gone all week meeting my new baby cousin in California. I might go
out to dinner or a movie tonight, so I won't be able to get much done around the house. Instead, I'll go pick up my dogs from their hotel, spend
extra time playing with them, unpack my suitcase and do laundry.

My house always seems to smell funny when I return from a trip in winter, so I will open a couple windows to let in fresh air, even if it's really cold outside.

I'm also looking forward to washing my hair and freshening up with a nice shower after my airline travel this afternoon. I'm pouting a bit
because it's too cold in Seattle to wear the new sundress I bought and wore once during my warm sunny California visit.

I don't dare get sucked into my email inbox when I get home today (I'll catch up on emails tomorrow) but I do need to drop a couple quick Thank You emails to the
friends who made time to meet up with me for dinner and a Disneyland trip while I was in Anaheim.

LOVELY BLOGS: Fete Fanatic

"For stylish affairs with flair." This is a fun and inspiring party blog by a woman who runs an event planning service. Natasha blogs about wedding parties, baby showers, kids' parties, cocktail parties, and other fun events. I love the ideas she comes up with and finds to share.


"In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt."

-Margaret Atwood

LOVELY TV: Pregnant in Heels

This probably isn't going to be a very uplifting show. I just can't resist taking a peek at it. Bravo's newest show follows wealthy pregnant women who seem to have their priorities a bit misplaced. They're determined to be stylish during pregnancy (an admirable goal, I admit) to the point they're wearing heels (dangerous for the baby if they fall), having their hair and makeup done for the delivery room, and spending tons of money on baby gear. The show follows NYC stylist Rosie Pope as she caters to the mommies. The first episode airs on April 5.

Pregnant in Heels, on Bravo


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