Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Cleaning: Carpets

I'm not a big fan of "buying containers in order to get organized." It's probably better to sort, organize, recycle, throw out, and prioritize, rather than buy more items to hold your existing items. However, I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out before I buy these colorful Semikolon paper document storage boxes. I do have some keepsake letters I want to hold onto..


  • Do something today to bring spring into your home. Switch out your tablecloth or towels, get out your spring bedding or curtains, spritz a spring-scented room spray, or put out a vase of colorful fresh flowers.

  • Take two quick minutes to peek at your vitamins. Check the expiration dates, see if there are any vitamins you should add to your shopping list, throw out any expired vitamins, and make sure your vitamins are accessible so you'll remember to take them every day.

  • Check your family's supplies of deodorant, shaving cream, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner. Do you need to add anything to your shopping list? Or do you need to throw out and recycle several containers that only have half an inch left and obviously nobody is going to use the last bit?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Carpet Cleaning

Today the carpet cleaners are coming to do my living room, family room, bedroom, office and hallway. With three large, muddy-footed dogs running around the house all winter, I've had to budget for more frequent carpet cleaning. We're now having it done every 3 months instead of every 6. That makes saving up for hardwood floors take a bit longer!

Though the carpet people will move light furniture for you, I prefer to just move everything myself, so an hour this morning was spent getting everything possible off the floor. Lamps are now standing in bathrooms, nightstands are piled on beds, stacks of stuff from my office have been relocated to other areas, and the coffee table is perched precariously on the kitchen counter. It's funny how one's household turns into utter chaos in the process of getting everything to look better.

My project tonight is getting everything back in place after the carpet dries. By my dinner party tomorrow night, the carpets will be clean and lovely again, furniture back where it goes, and my house will be restful and pleasant again.

Do you need to schedule a carpet cleaning appointment, or rent a carpet cleaner at your grocery store and do it yourself? Any spots on your carpet you need to work on with a carpet stain remover?

LOVELY BLOGS: Cook Without a Kitchen

I so love the concept behind this blog. Erica and her husband live in a tiny apartment in New York City - and it doesn't have a kitchen. She shares recipes and techniques for cooking and baking, utilizing her toaster oven frequently. Her writing is intriguing and excellent. There's an interesting story behind everything she cooks, and you'll love reading her entries. I also enjoyed her recommendations for places to eat and drink cocktails or coffee in New York - I'm taking notes for my next trip!


LOVELY FASHION: Kate Spade Rings

Look what my cousin got me as an early birthday present! Right now I'm loving the Kate Spade Year of Color rings so much. They're simple, colorful, and relatively inexpensive. My cousin very kindly gave me the red January ring also!

I don't care for yellow, so the March ring didn't tempt me. I can't wait to see what the color is for April!

LOVELY FOOD: Godiva Cupcakes

Godiva has jumped onto the cupcake craze wagon with this limited edition offering of cupcakes. I'm not sure if they're available in stores - I'd like to try one before I commit to ordering a half dozen online. They're topped with Godiva's signature chocolate logo. Might be fun for an Easter party or a spring birthday party!

Pink Vanilla Buttercream Cupcakes, at Godiva


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