Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Cleaning: Garage, Basement or Attic

Today my Spring Cleaning project is to clean and organize my garage. It's half full of family keepsakes and kitchen/home decor storage, and half full of merchandise for my eBay business. My goal today is to touch every box, peeking in to see exactly what's in there, then sort, organize, sweep and clean.


  • If you didn't clean out your fridge yesterday during the kitchen project, do you need to clean out one drawer or one shelf today to keep on top of things?

  • Are there any relatives you need to call tonight? Sunday nights are usually good times for that sort of thing.

  • Pamper your hands after you're done with cleaning projects today. Use a sugar scrub, give yourself a manicure, freshen polish, and apply lotion as needed.

  • Know what meals you're sending with your kids in their lunchboxes this week?

  • Set out the clothing you'll wear to work tomorrow so you won't have to rush so much in the morning.

  • Laundry done for the weekend? Folded and put away?

  • Can you book some down time for yourself tonight, to relax, close your eyes, read a magazine, or watch a half hour comedy?


Watertight Totes, at The Container Store

I'm a packrat but not a hoarder - I can throw things away, but I cling to things with sentimental value. Dolls my mom made, bulky photo albums, two boxes of my old record collection, and the collectible dolls my mom and I gathered together are all things I am not able to get rid of.

I also store seasonal decorations, kitchen appliances, extra food, and some belongings of my teenagers in the garage. Today I will try to throw away, give away or recycle as much as possible, then organize the rest. I'll pay special attention to my merchandise - I need to take inventory and reorganize it so it takes up less space.

It's going to be a long day!

I challenge you to spend today cleaning your basement, attic, garage, or wherever you store your "stuff."

LOVELY BLOGS: Obsessively Stitching

This is a fun crafting and sewing blog with wonderful ideas for neat things to make for or with kids. Check out the cool tutorial on making plush Angry Birds. You also get to take a peek into her sewing room.

LOVELY ENTERTAINING: Gerber Daisy Napkin Rings

Gerber Daisy Napkin Rings, at Crate and Barrel

I'm not normally a fan of fake flowers. I wouldn't decorate with them, and I rarely use them to embellish gift wrapping. I also don't normally fuss around with napkin rings. But these are so colorful and pretty, I can't resist picking up a dozen in different colors. I'll use them this summer when I'm entertaining outside, with my colorful plates and crisp white napkins.

LOVELY THEATER: Disney's Aladdin

I'm so excited to take my two young nephews to see this in July! The world premiere of this new Disney musical will take place right here in my own hometown of Seattle. I have been eager to introduce the boys to musical theater, but they weren't too excited to see Mary Poppins, suspicious it was "for girls." Now that the boys are old enough to stay up past 8pm, we can make a full magical evening of it - going out to dinner first and dessert after the show!

Disney's Aladdin, at the Fifth Avenue


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