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Spring Cleaning Kids Rooms

Kyotofu Easter Shortbread Cookies, at Dean & Deluca

Today I'm Spring Cleaning the nursery in my house. It won't take too long since I don't have an actual baby to mess it up, but I sure have a lot of toys to sort out!


  • Still the rainy and snowy season - check to be sure you have Kleenex packets in your car, purse, and coat pockets. Same goes for your family members.

  • Need to schedule a gutter cleaning appointment? Need to have moss scraped off your roof?

  • Need to do any mid-week mopping of floors, laundry, or vacuuming?

  • Have you pampered yourself in a bubbly hot bathtub lately? Taken the time to light candles, fix yourself lemon icewater, and set out a magazine with pretty pics to enjoy while you bathe?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Cleaning Kids' Rooms

Noah's Ark, by Lilliputiens, on Amazon

Today I'm thoroughly cleaning the nursery. I set it up when I began the long adoption process, and now it's used when my friends' kids or young family members visit. There's a crib, a chair (non-rocking unfortunately), and a changing table, as well as several toy baskets. I try to keep this room ready to go at all times but I sure struggle against the temptation to clutter it up or use it as a storage room and repository for other stuff!

Your kids should be cleaning their own rooms if they're old enough, but Spring Cleaning is a more advanced task that Mom needs to do a lot of. Have your kids pick up their rooms and leave their beds made on the day you are doing your Spring Cleaning. It should take just two hours per room if you and your kids keep their rooms maintained. This is easily something you can get done after dinner and before bedtime.

Here's my checklist:

  • Move furniture and vacuum room thoroughly. Sprinkle carpet freshener if needed.

  • Wash down walls

  • Wipe baseboards

  • Dust furniture and return it to its place.

  • Clean out closet

  • Dust light fixtures, check for damaged cords, replace any burned out light bulbs

  • Wipe wall switches and electric switch plates

  • Dust ceiling fan, if any

  • Strip beds and launder everything including mattress pads.

  • Test fire alarm and replace batteries

  • Flip mattresses.

  • Dust and declutter nightstands and bookshelves

  • Sort dresser drawers and dust the top.

  • Empty trash can - put trash can on list if there isn't one in the room

  • Wash windows

  • Launder any floor rugs as needed

  • Launder curtains

  • Put everything away and neaten the room back up.

If your child has helped you eagerly with their room cleaning, reward them with an extra story or longer book at bedtime tonight.

LOVELY BLOGS: Sweetapolita

Rosie's lovely baking blog features a lot of lovely cakes and other desserts. She runs a custom dessert catering company in Toronto, Ontario. Besides baking, she also is an enthusiast of photography - and it really shows up in her gorgeous food photographs. Her posts don't just offer a recipe and a photo - they really let you get to know her and the history of the particular recipe she's sharing. Check out her recent posts on Vanilla Bean Bundt Cake, sugar cookie pops, and the Whiteout Cake.


I am getting this for myself as one of my birthday presents! It will come in handy when I'm doing outdoor entertaining this summer. I might also use it to keep sushi fresh and nice on my table when I'm serving inside, too.

Condiments on Ice, at Sur la Table

LOVELY MOVIES: The Princess of Montpensier

I'm looking forward to seeing this costume drama, set in 16th century France. A beautiful young aristocrat finds herself married to a prince she doesn't love. As you can imagine, she is tempted by a handsome suitor. It's a very familiar theme, but I don't care as long as I can see castles and costumes!

The Princess of Montpensier, at Apple

LOVELY TV: Royally Mad

BBC America has jumped into the reality TV fray with their new show on five royal-family crazed Americans. They'll get to take a trip to London, visiting various royal tourist destinations, all the while competing to be crowned the biggest royal fan. I think it might be some good harmless amusing fun to watch. The two-part special premieres Tuesday, April 12th.

Royally Mad, on BBC America


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