Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Cleaning the Living Room

What I currently display in my guest bathroom: Cucumber & Casaba Soap from Mor

Yesterday we worked on spring cleaning the family room. Today we'll work upstairs, on the lovely light-filled living room we like to spend time in during early mornings and Sunday afternoons.


  • Fridge and freezer maintenance - We can't neglect our weekly fridge maintenance just because we're doing a big spring cleaning project today!

  • Take half an hour or so tonight to phone a relative you need to catch up with.

  • Plan menus and make grocery list for the upcoming week

  • Need to run to Home Depot, Costco, Target or the like today after you're done with your cleaning projects?

  • Set aside some time to relax after your hard work.

  • Give your hands a nice moisturizing scrub and lotion treatment tonight - they might need it after all your hands-on work this weekend.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Living Room Spring Cleaning

I so love the colors in this indoor-outdoor Jardin pillow but I fear my masculine roommate wouldn't enjoy seeing it in the living room!

We might not have too time-consuming a project today, as this upstairs living room is kept in pretty good condition. We use it to entertain, sitting guests down in front of a cozy fire, and serving appetizers and cocktails on the coffee table. I keep it ready to go at all times - you never know when you're going to throw an impromptu party!

Today we're moving two couches, the coffee table, two side tables, the mail table and a TV stand in order to vacuum under them. I'm taking down the curtains to send them to the dry cleaner (something I do once a year). We'll wash the big bay window and two side windows, and get up on ladders to dust the wood trim around them. Next up: baseboard dusting, dusting of all the furniture, fluffing of cushions and pillows, laundering throw blankets, and sorting the magazines sitting on the coffee table.

I'll hand launder the decorative placemats I keep on the coffee table and side tables, then set them out to dry while I dust the light fixtures. Some of the walls in this room do need to be washed down, and while we're at that we can wipe the baseboards, light switches and electric outlets.

Tonight when we relax, we'll do it upstairs in our clean living room, fire burning merrily away, snacks and a fun beverage on the coffee table. I'm already thinking ahead to the next lovely party I'll throw!


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