Tuesday, April 05, 2011

April Showers Indeed

Meri Meri Easter Treat Bags, at Sur la Table

True to its promise, April has brought rain and plenty of it. I have three very bored large dogs whining in my house and tracking in mud when they come in from outdoors. To cheer myself up, I burned a fire in the fireplace last night, lit candles, and made sure I sat in front of the window as much as possible yesterday to soak up whatever light I could get before the sun went down.


  • If you celebrate Easter, do you have something nice picked out for you to wear? You might have already gotten your children something precious to wear that day, and neglected your own spring outfit!

  • How are your supplies of pet food, pet medicine and, on a related note, carpet cleaner?

  • Find a beautiful spring tree and have someone take your picture in front of it this week. You will then have a pretty picture to send relatives, put on Facebook or keep for yourself for good memories.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Outdoor Furniture Update

I've been saving up money to replace my dirty, mossy, faded old outdoor furniture cushions with fresh new ones. Unfortunately my set of chairs, bought around eight years ago, are not a standard size. So it's taken me a while to find something that would (mostly) work. These inexpensive cushions will enable me to quickly freshen and brighten my outdoor seating area - important since I spend so much time working outside and entertaining in the summer.

I drove up to Walmart yesterday and bought one cushion to try. I knew I could take it back if it didn't fit properly. Since it works, feels comfy, and I like the way it looks, I'm off to Walmart again today to buy the other five. When I get home I'll be throwing out the old cushions (they won't all fit in the trash this week, so the rest have to wait in the garage until next week) and cutting off tags on the new ones. Since it's raining heavily, I'm storing the becushioned chairs in my outdoor shed for now.

Mainstays Chair Cushion in Aqua, at Walmart

LOVELY BLOGS: Kitchen Trial and Error

Kate blogs from Rochester, New York. I love that she enjoys attempting to make things from scratch: bread, butter, ice cream, even Oreos. You might enjoy her recent posts on Orange Clementine Pudding, Creamy Barley with Tomatoes, Chicken and Spinach, and Mushroom Stroganoff. I am getting really hungry looking through her lovely food photographs!


LOVELY FASHION: Kate Spade Bridal

Kate Spade has generated a ton of excitement this Spring, as they've come out with a line of little white dresses for brides (mostly the going-away variety not the wedding-gown kind) and colorful accoutrements for showers and bridal soirees. There are gorgeous shoes, feathery barrettes, bridal jewelry, colorful rings and clutches, and even some perfume. Even though I'm not a bride (nor soon to be one at all) this is a delightful site to browse through, admiring pretty things.

Kate Spade Bridal Trousseau


Though I don't carry a parasol for fashion or to keep the sun off of me, I love to decorate with parasols inside my home and outdoors when I entertain. A parasol really lends a whimsical, colorful, fun mood to a party, and they're so easy to prop up, hang or otherwise display. Some of my favorites here include the Balinese Festival parasols and the unusual shaped parasols. Just remember to bring them in at night so they don't get wet!

Parasols, at Luna Bazaar


All Star Desserts (CHOW)

Citrus I Have Loved (The Quinces and the Pea)

Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Buttercream Cake with Ganache Drizzle (Sweetapolita)

Panda Rice Balls (Cutest Food)

Pink Lemonade Sorbet (Cake, Batter and Bowl)

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Kate said...

Hi Carrie - I'm so glad you are enjoying my blog!! and I'm happy to have found yours. I could spend a Saturday going through your lovely lists. I love it!