Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Preparing for an Early Spring Road Trip

Wish I was packing this pretty blue dress from Modcloth in my suitcase for my trip, but alas I don't own it yet!


  • In the last 2 months, have you driven home through a different route in your neighborhood? Walked your dog along unfamiliar trails near your home? Practicing this is a good idea in case of emergency - a road blockage, felled tree, car accident, traffic jam, natural disaster, etc. It's good to not only know different routes to and from your home, but to practice them so they're second nature and you aren't stressed some night driving home on a dark night in bad weather.

  • Dust off DVD player, TV, music players and any other electronic equipment that might need it.

  • Empty out burned-down candles, scrape wax out of any candleholders that need it, then replace with fresh candles or put your empty candleholders away out of sight.

  • On your next sunny, dry day, no matter if it's cold out still, bundle up and take an extra long walk through your neighborhood, preferably with a pet or family member or both!

TODAY'S PROJECT: Packing and Readying for a Short Trip

Stevens Pass, between Seattle and Leavenworth

I'm going to visit family for just three nights, a quick trip that's long overdue. My dogs and I will drive over a snowy mountain pass, so I need to have emergency supplies in my car (a blanket, shovel for snow, rock salt, food and water for all of us) as well as my suitcase and computer.

Here's my checklist:

  • Underwear and nightgown

  • Toiletries, shampoo and conditioner, makeup, etc.

  • Bathing suit - my aunt has a hot tub!

  • Three sundresses (After passing through the snow, it's warmer over there than here in Seattle)

  • Sweater and pants for casual day

  • Sandals and mud shoes for walking dogs

  • Computer, charger for it, phone charger

  • Food and water bowls for the dogs; extra treats for the ride

  • Music I haven't listened to in a while, to keep the trip fun

  • Extra blanket for the dogs in case of emergency

  • Water and snacks for me in the car

  • A book or two since my aunt's house doesn't have Internet

  • Earrings, rings and a bracelet to match each sundress I've packed

I'll pack up everything tonight so tomorrow won't be rushed. I'll have time to eat a nice breakfast and tire the dogs out in the yard by playing a bit before we hit the road.


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LOVELY COSMETICS: Spring Nail Polish

I'm almost tempted to pick up the newest release from OPI. I love the light pink polish for spring, but the other colors are so bridal themed, it makes me hesitate. I'm not going to be a bride any time soon, and I wouldn't wear that white polish to someone else's wedding. Yet I'm tempted by the freshness of the look of these light, bright polishes. It definitely puts me in the mood for spring!

Femme de Cirque Nail Polish, at Amazon

LOVELY DISHES: Limoncello Glasses

With summer coming in a couple months, I'm looking forward to doing more outdoor entertaining. I sometimes serve limoncello after dinner, and while it's perfectly tasty in the plain chilled glasses I serve it in, I'd so love to serve it in these pretty green-stemmed limoncello glasses. The fact that they're dishwasher safe is extra tempting!

Limoncello Glass, at Sur la Table

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