Thursday, May 26, 2011

Anticipating Summer

Set of 9 Multi-Colored Votives, at Crate and Barrel

I needed a little retail therapy on a recent gloomy rainy day. I was so happy to be wandering aimlessly through a bright, colorful Crate and Barrel with friendly employees. I'd told myself I could only spend $20 at most in the store, so these little summery candles quite fit the bill at just $7.95. I've already burned three of them in my outdoor votive holders on an unseasonably warm afternoon this week. Lovely! I am so eager for more summery days.


  • Freshen up bathrooms for the weekend. Launder towels and rugs, clean mirrors and sinks, wipe down counter, sanitize toilet, mop floor.

  • Plan ahead for how to entertain kids and visiting relatives, if any. Rent movies for the weekend from Redbox, if you don't have anything fun arriving from Netflix. Your preferred movies might sell out on Friday as everyone stocks up for the weekend.

  • Need to shake out any rugs outdoors? A front hallway rug, a kitchen rug, a front door mat? I vacuum my indoor hallway rug often, but nothing seems to help get the dust out like simply shaking it vigorously out the front door for a couple minutes!

LOVELY BLOGS: Hip Hip Hooray!

Here's a delightful, fun blog full of tips and inspiration for children's parties. Their current posts include Icy Treats for Memorial Day, a Lego pirate party, colorful homemade sprinkles, and a look back at a Cinco de Mayo party. I think after you read this pretty blog, you'll be itching to throw a party - even if you don't have any kids to invite!

LOVELY FOOD: Trader Joe's Frozen Bento Box

I've been saving up this new Trader Joe's bento box in the freezer for a couple weeks. Today I was rushed at lunchtime so found the 3 minute microwave time so helpful. It was fun tasting all the pretty-looking foods in their small squares. A delicious treat, but I wasn't quite full after finishing it.

LOVELY TV: Million Dollar Decorators

You've already guessed, I'm certain, that this show is from Bravo. Premiering May 31, this reality show follows Kathryn Ireland and other decorators/designers as they redo Los Angeles area homes for wealthy clients. I'm sure drama and lots of whining will ensue, but that's not why I'm watching. I'm looking forward to the fancy houses, the lavish interiors, and the luxe furniture the show will highlight.


Fearing the Phase-Out of Incandescent Bulbs (NY Times)

Homemade Strawberry Milk (Savory Notes)

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