Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Doing a Bit of Gardening

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  • Make any Memorial Day preparations. If you're traveling, do you need to pack? Hosting a party so you need to shop and clean?

  • Need to buy any graduation presents for upcoming June celebrations? Can you fit the gifts into your budget?

  • Is it time for some mid-week laundry?

  • Feel like writing in your journal or diary tonight? Blogging? Updating your Livejournal, Facebook, or website?

  • Consider writing a quick cheery note to a relative you haven't written to for some time. Maybe snap a quick pic of your kids, print it out and enclose that too. This is a great time of year to do this, as there's no guilt or pressure associated with your note (It's not Easter, Christmas, Mother's Day or your relative's birthday).


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This afternoon I'll take a break from my work and do some quick tidying and maintenance in the yard. I mowed my lawn last weekend, but there are already some spots in the back yard that have grown up high. It will be easier to mow now that the longest grasses are already cut. I bet I can finish the back yard in just ten minutes.

When I'm done mowing and I've put the mower away, I'll work on my weedy front flower beds that look embarrassingly messy. My reward will be to cut some of my pink peonies to bring into my bedroom and set on my dining table.

Tonight is one of the rare nights I have to myself at home. I'm not going out to dinner. Instead, I'll eat salad and sandwiches in my yard in between playing with the dogs and working on my flowerbeds.

Those of you who live in apartments or condos so that your gardening is done for you, lucky you! You get to sit around doing something fun today instead! :) But you might check on any houseplants.



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