Friday, May 20, 2011

Fabulous and Fun Friday

My current favorite perfume for sunny warm-weather days: L'Occitane's Jasmine

It's a beautiful warm, sunny day in Seattle. I refuse to spend the evening indoors in front of a TV or a computer screen. I won't even eat dinner inside a restaurant tonight. Tonight, I'm taking three young nephews to a picnic dinner at a lakefront park. Then it's back to my freshly-mowed lawn to play with dogs, walk in the nearby woods, and make smores over a bonfire.


  • Take an ice cube out of your freezer and taste it. Does it taste and smell fresh? Or is it time to dump out all your ice and start over? Whether you have an ice maker or a set of cube trays, make sure you have fresh tasting ice for the upcoming days of iced tea, lemonade and cocktails. My fridge takes more than one night to replace all the ice it can make, so I got started yesterday. Meanwhile, my dogs had fun chasing the old yucky ice cubes around the yard as we threw them!

  • Get ready for the weekend - Empty waste baskets; refresh toilet paper holders; declutter dining table, coffee table and mail table; empty or fill dishwasher; wipe down kitchen and bathroom counters; water houseplants.

  • Make weekend socialization plans.

  • Visit an ATM for cash and a gas station to fill up, as needed.

  • Get outside this weekend!

TODAY'S PROJECT: Mowing the Lawns

Today I mowed my front and back lawns. My back yard is really big, so I usually do the front yard first and save the back yard for the next day. However, I didn't want to spend a beautiful spring Saturday mowing, so I finished it today. I'm exhausted!

I'm now lounging inside my house gulping iced tea and waiting for three young nephews to be dropped off. We're going to have a lakefront picnic tonight and then come back to my house for a bonfire and smores.

What are you doing for fun tonight?

LOVELY FASHION: Elephant Basket

This is one of the most innovative handbags I've seen! It makes me giggle a bit. I'm not sure if the odd shape would be annoying to carry around, or if I'd even have the guts to carry it in public. I sure like the idea though!

Kate Spade's Elephant Basket


I hadn't heard of this custom business card company until one of my friends posted a link on Facebook. I love the modern, beautiful designs they offer for business cards. I'm so very glad to have found out about this company - and I'm extremely excited that they accept Paypal for payments!

I ordered my pack of cards, enjoying the easy design process, and had a hard time settling upon which design to use! I opted for rounded corners on my cards.

They also offer innovative mini cards, but I wonder if the odd shape would make them get lost in someone's wallet. You can also design postcards, greeting cards and sticker books. (I find the stickers disappointingly small to be very useful).

The box my cards came packaged in

My cards came in an adorable, highly functional box. I showed them to a friend at dinner and he rushed home to order some for his wife as a surprise.

If you needs cards for your cooking blog, you might like this Lara Cameron design.

I am very happy with my cards, and am not an affiliate of the company, just wanted to let you know about this extremely cool printing company!


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