Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Laundry Day in Late Spring

The forested area near my home - my dogs love to go for walks here!


  • Need to scoop out the litter box? Or is it time to fully empty it into the trash, clean and sanitize the box and start over with fresh litter?

  • If needed, grab a cloth and some Windex and swipe all the bathroom mirrors in your house. I only have 3, and it takes me less than 2 minutes to do this. You can also wipe down the faucets in less than a minute, too.

  • Empty trash cans as needed, take out recycling.

  • Need to sort mail or organize your kitchen desk or the space you pay bills on?


Method Peony Blossom Laundry Detergent

I'm working until 5 tonight, then I have about an hour and a half before I leave for dinner. I'll need a bit of time to get dressed, but that leaves me with about an hour to work on my housekeeping project for the day. I've chosen laundry, as it's something I can start and leave, then return to when I get back from dinner.

At 5 I'll drop a load of whites (my bathroom towels, bathroom rug, and some dustrags) into the laundry and start it. My load of towels will be ready to go into the dryer before I leave for dinner.

When I get back around 9pm I will start a load of darks (much of the clothing I happen to choose to wear is black!) I'll fold dustrags and hang up the towels, replacing my bathroom rug, while watching TV and waiting for my dark things to finish. They can go into the dryer and wait til morning to be taken out and put away. Everything in that load is cotton that won't wrinkle and won't need to be taken out right away. I love keeping things easy!

Tomorrow I'll have fresh clean clothes to wear that smell like peony blossoms, and I'll dry off with clean towels and step on a clean bathroom rug!

LOVELY BEVERAGES: Mixed Berries Iced Tea

I go through a lot of iced tea during the summertime. Today I was running low on my favorite Twinings iced tea, so ran down to my local Cost Plus World Market. I grabbed my regular English Breakfast iced tea box, but was also delighted to find the new Mixed Berries. I don't normally drink berry tea as it often isn't caffeinated. I really, really need my caffeine in the mornings. But this berry tea is made from black tea. I have a pitcher brewing outside in the sun right now - I am eager to drop some ice cubes into a glass and try it!

Mixed Berries Cold Brewed Iced Tea, at Twinings USA Shop

LOVELY BEVERAGES: Tiki Cocktail Mixes

During my naughty shopping trip yesterday (I played hooky on a sunny Seattle day, visiting the University Village shopping center) I couldn't resist picking up one of the new cocktail mixes at Williams-Sonoma. I love mai tais, so that one went home with me. I don't enjoy coconut, so I left the Pina Colada on the shelf. Later this summer I'm sure I'll be tempted to try the Beach Cruiser mix too. I'm excited to serve mai tais at my cocktail party this weekend!

Tiki Cocktail Mixes, at Williams-Sonoma

LOVELY BLOGS: Food in Jars

Everything you want to know about canning. Surely after reading this blog for a few weeks we'll all be inspired to try it ourselves this summer. I have plum trees in my back yard so I have no excuse! Recent posts include Chive Blossom Vinegar, info on a new brand of mason jars, how to bake eggs for breakfast in half jars, and using jars to store bulk foods.

LOVELY ENTERTAINING: Flower Flash Paper Plates

I just picked up a set of these gorgeous, colorful paper plates yesterday. I'll use them at my cocktail party this weekend. They'll accentuate the melon martini I'm serving, and they'll look great with my teal outdoor decor.

Flower Flash Green Cafe Plates, at Celebration Sensations

LOVELY FOOD: Marzipan Ladybugs

Even though these ladybugs were sold as part of Dean & Deluca's Mother's Day selection, I think they're perfect for summer gifts. So cute, I wonder if anyone could actually bite into one to eat it. I might be tempted to just display one under a glass dome!

Marzipan Ladybugs, at Dean & Deluca


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