Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Family Emergencies and Other "Fun" Surprises

Trying to think of an excuse to justify buying this Kate Spade posy vase, but I have an orange/rust kitchen, a blue living room, teal outdoor decorations, and burgundy family room. Must think harder!

Sometimes your family has an emergency and you have to drop everything to help out. In this case I'm currently helping out with three young cousins as their parents go through the beginning stages of a separation and establishing two different households.

I'm having to work, clean my own house, babysit, cook for other people, be a sympathetic ear but not take sides, and try to make time for myself.

I'm glad I have savings to draw on for unexpected expenses (snacks and activities for the kids, summer clothes for them, and time off work for me). I also have a good network of friends to call upon for support or help entertaining three lively boys.

LOVELY BLOGS: Everyday Dutch Oven

I am so impressed with the amount of high quality posts and interesting, useful recipes here. I love outdoor cooking (though I'm not a camper) and I'm looking forward to learning more interesting techniques. (Currently I just throw things in my outdoor fire pit, wrapped in aluminum foil).

Today's post features scrumptious looking lemon blueberry upside down cake; yesterday's offered cream cheese potato soup.

My very favorite part of this blog is the many step-by-step photos included in each recipe. You see what the ingredients look like as they are poured into the dutch oven. This really helps me learn how to cook the recipe properly. I'm so impressed by this blog, I'm adding it to Lovely Living's links sidebar!


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