Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mid-Week in June

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The days are so nice and long right now. Let's not squander our opportunities to enjoy warm sunny evenings. Go for walks, go berry picking, sit on the porch visiting with friends, go to outdoor cafes. I've banned myself from watching my shows on Tivo until it's dark or too cold to be outside, and I won't go see a movie on a sunny Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Movies are for nighttime right now!


  • Declutter mail table if needed

  • Any houseplants need watering? I have a yellow begonia in my kitchen that would appreciate my attention today.

  • Take inventory of condiments for picnic and BBQ purposes. Do you need to throw any out? Have enough mustard, relish, ketchup, mayo? Pickles? Sauerkraut, if you like that kind of thing? If you use mayo alternatives, do you have a small jar of the real stuff to offer visiting guests who might not enjoy your alternative versions?

  • Do you have summer plans for your kids in August? Any classes, sports, activities, camps you want to sign them up for?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Mid-Week Maintenance Cleaning

I'm tidying the house so I won't have so much to do on Friday evening before I go out. I'll sweep my front entry hall, mop the kitchen, vacuum both living rooms, vacuum the upstairs hall, do a load of dark laundry, declutter the coffee table, and spend some time getting the kitchen back in order.

I'll also probably make time to dust the downstairs living room. The tray we keep remote controls and drinks on gets dirty very fast. Due to our pets, I have the doors and windows open so much that my bookcase and end table get dusty very quickly.

While I work, I'll be airing out the cushions and pillows from the living room, placing them outdoors in the sun.

LOVELY BLOGS: Ommorphia Beauty Bar

I like to stop by this blog now and then to see what's new in the world of nail polish, lipstick and other cosmetics. This blogger (sorry, I can't easily find her name - no about me page?) spends an extraordinary amount of time painting and removing and repainting her nails with the colors she's showcasing. I love how she will post pictures of the nail polish on herself both in sunlight and indoors - that's so helpful! She's currently reviewing several Illamasqua shades.

LOVELY FOOD: Summer-Themed Cookies

Though I wish I did, I don't have the talent to decorate cookies so beautifully as these. So when I want to send someone a surprise cheer-up or appreciation gift, I select some from this whimsical collection. Their summer cookie themes include Under the Sea, Fish, Lighthouse, Summer Fun, Barbecue and Camping. Adorable, and tasty too!

Summer Cookies, at Beautiful

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