Friday, June 03, 2011

Nothing Wrong with a Little Retail Therapy

Acrylic Stacking Old Fashioned Glass, at Crate and Barrel

I was having a bad week, so took a sunny afternoon off for some mental relief and retail therapy. Maybe this wasn't the healthiest way to deal with my present difficulties, but enjoying a mid-afternoon glass of white wine at an outdoor restaurant, browsing the extremely colorful Crate and Barrel store and wandering aimlessly through Pottery Barn Kids and Anthropologie did wonders for my spirits.

I managed to leave every store empty handed, except for Crate and Barrel. I spent around $30 on eight colorful acrylic glasses I can use outside. (I bought four green and four orange). They go well with my existing summer decor (teal, orange, green and yellow) and they'll brighten up my outdoor festivities. Before I bought them I made myself think through the purchase: Do I have room to store them? Do I have room for this in my budget? Will I actually use them? My three "yes" answers secured my purchase, and I've been enjoying drinking my sun tea out of these on sunny afternoons.

Sometimes a little retail therapy is just what a girl needs - so long as you aren't bankrupting yourself, still have savings in the bank, aren't in credit card debt, aren't hoarding your house, and will actually use and enjoy your small purchase.


  • Tidy up for the weekend. Remove misplaced items from dining table, mail table, coffee table, stairs, and front doorway. Empty or fill dishwasher as needed; empty trash cans and take out recycling; wipe kitchen and bathroom counters; refill toilet paper; swap out fresh hand towels in bathrooms.

  • Need to clean out your purse for the weekend?

  • Fill up with gas as needed; get cash from an ATM for the weekend.

  • Rent movie or stop by a Redbox if you don't use Netflix.

  • Grab a pretty sundress or something that will make you feel lovely when you wear it tonight.

  • Finish making socialization plans for the weekend.

  • Gather any items you might need for the weekend. Tote bag? Picnic blanket? Sunscreen? Sunglasses? Summery book?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Patio, Porch and Deck Cleanup

Moroccan Mint Iced Tea, at Stash Tea

I'm going to a family member's house tonight for Family Movie Night. I know I will want to spend much of this warm, sunny weekend outside, so before I leave, I'll spend about an hour cleaning up my outdoor areas. My front porch needs to be swept, welcome mat shaken out, and a plant needs to be finished planting. I'll sweep my deck and toss out two dead plants that sit on it. In the back yard, I need to hose out the pool for the dogs, refill it, hose down the cement patio, wipe off my tables, wipe down my outdoor chairs, and tidy the pillows.

I've set out a pitcher of sun tea, and I'll refrigerate it just before I leave this evening.

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