Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Weekend

My cousin came over to help me tackle this garden project! We started the day with a horrible bed of nasty weeds, and finished the day with a garden of colorful dahlias, zinnias, and impatiens!

This weekend I've been sunning, gardening, reading, going to the dog park, eating outdoors, and only doing the bare minimum of housework I can get away with. I was trying to avoid sitting indoors in front of the computer as much as possible.

I know summer days are longer, but these beautiful afternoons and evenings seem to rush by so quickly. I actively try to savor every warm, sunny moment.


  • Do you have your gift and card picked out for the upcoming Father's Day?

  • Launder any beach towels or picnic blankets used over the weekend, if needed

  • Drag out your picnic basket and eat dinner in a park tomorrow night after work. Or eat outdoors on your own porch. Sound like fun?

  • Slice and enjoy summer fruit - berries, melons, cherries? this evening.

  • Set out a pitcher and make sun tea.


Red zinnias waiting to be planted in my yard

It's been six months since Christmas. If you put away some of your kids' gifts so they wouldn't get sick of them all at once, it may be time to rotate old toys out and new toys in.

Involve your children in the toy sorting process. Put away toys they're currently bored of, then bring out toys that seem new and fresh. See if there are any toys they will let you throw away (if in bad condition) or donate (if in good condition). Give unwanted toys to friends or charity only if they're in great condition - even Goodwill doesn't want faded, broken, wilted, boring, or sad looking toys.

Enchantmints Fairy Lodge, on Amazon

I don't have kids of my own - I'm just an aunt - but I have lots and lots of toys at my house for whenever they visit. Right now I have four toy boxes in my garage. I'd like to whittle it down to two. One for infants, and one for older kids. (I also have a toy box in my guest room for the 2 year old who visits frequently).

I need to evaluate if I have the right mix of toys for the ages of children who visit me. My friends' infants are over a year old now, so I can get rid of the tiny infant toys I'd stocked up on. I can always buy fresh new ones if any friends have more tiny babies.

I always have plenty of books to entertain children with. Those I hang onto regardless of which age child will enjoy them.

This afternoon I'll drag my two toy boxes outdoors so I can still enjoy the sunshine and breeze while I sort. I will ziplock all my Playmobil pieces into their own baggies, ziplock the tiny Hello Kitty dollhouse pieces, and dust off a couple car race track toys.

Last year I got rid of all but one stuffed animal (a Sesame Street Grover) since kids never play with those when they come over here. I keep Grover around in case a child needs something soft to hug during their naptime here.

LOVELY BLOGS: Art is In the Kitchen

This blog is full of amazing photos of delicately carved fruits and veggies, plus some intriguing recipes I want to try. I'm going to try making cupbread this week. I don't have the artistic skill to attempt the stained-glass style pancakes with fruit jelly and chocolate!

You'll enjoy looking at the watermelon in bloom and amazing carved zucchini glasses.


Not having read the book, I wasn't excited about this movie initially. But all my book-club type friends are raving about how excited they are to check this out. They'll risk some disappointment if the movie changes some details from the book, but with the amazing actresses in this, I bet it's worth the two hours and $10 to check it out. Sure to be more intellectual than most summer fare, it will be a welcome relief from the 3D animated kids' movies my nephews are begging me to take them to!

The Help Trailer, at Apple

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