Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sunny Day in June


  • Sweep front and back porches, and front entrance, if needed

  • Set out a pitcher of sun tea if you like to drink tea

  • Look over budget for the rest of June. Can you afford to treat yourself to a little something (a houseplant, a new body wash, a scented candle, a movie, a small fancy cheese?) this week?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Dinner Outside

Working Class Studio Melamine Dinner Plates, on Amazon

In many parts of the country tonight, it will be warm enough to picnic outdoors. If you have a nice backyard, why not eat outdoors tonight?

Or email some friends today and invite them to a short notice picnic in a nearby park.

Since our dinner last night was popcorn (we went to an 8pm movie), I want to have a really nice dinner with fresh, healthy ingredients. If we eat at home, I'll do fresh corn and asparagus, watermelon, strawberries, and some sort of veggie protein. If we picnic, I'll go heavy on the salad and have fabulous sandwich ingredients on delicious fresh baked bread I'll pick up at Trader Joe's.

LOVELY BLOGS: A Scrapbook of Inspiration

Here's a beautiful blog by a creative artist. I love seeing how she arranges her crafting supplies in such a lovely manner. She's been published in Artful Blogging magazine. Reading through this blog makes me eager to get out some of my supplies and create something!

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