Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hot Summer Sunday

One of my dogs, happy and tired after swimming in the river and running around at the dog park


Too lazy to squeeze lemons and strain raspberries today, so this is what I'm serving my household today as we relax outdoors.

  • Make a pitcher of sun tea, squeeze your own lemonade or limeade, or set out even a storebought juicee for your family to enjoy on this hot day.

  • Check over your supplies of ice cream and popsicles. I don't usually eat ice cream, but it's summertime and I might not want to run out. You never know when you're going to want to serve guests some nice sorbet, too.

  • Sunday is a great time to phone relatives, and it's something you can do indoors in front of a fan or air conditioning. Anybody you haven't called in a while that you'd like to catch up with?

  • I'm spending half an hour trying to clean out my email inbox. I bet it will take longer than that as I've neglected this so long!

  • Make sure your pets have plenty of clean, cool water to drink today.

  • Write in your journal or diary this evening when it's cooled off a bit and you might have some quiet time.

  • Spritz your sheets with a nice sheet spray - lavender, perhaps, or chamomile?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Mowing and Gardening

I really need to work on weeding the rose garden, which you can see on the right. Note the lack of blooming roses due to my neglect!

I don't hate mowing the lawn - it's just a chore, not something I dread very much. I do love the way the lawn looks when I'm done, and I like relaxing with a glass of iced tea after my post-mow shower.

Gardening, however, I don't really enjoy. There's not much I can do about it - I have to weed and garden today. I prioritize the front yard (the one neighbors are forced to look at every day).

I took care of the front last weekend, so today I'm making my backyard back into a relaxing haven. I work outside here on nice days, and spend most summer evenings reading and talking on the phone out here. Those activities will be a lot nicer and lovelier with freshly mown grass and tended flowerbeds.

When I'm done I'll pour a glass of wine, grab the book I'm currently reading ( A Discovery of Witches) and lounge around in a pretty sundress, enjoying the rest of my summery Sunday.

LOVELY BLOGS: Green Food, Green Thumb, High Heels

Lindsay, a blogger from Sarasota, Florida, shares her efforts towards good health and cooking healthy. Recent posts include info on juicing, bikram yoga, and an honest post about her juicing blunders. I find her a very inspiring writer and I'm sure I'll check back in often.

LOVELY DRINKS: Caramel Cake Tea

It's still cool in the evenings here in Seattle, cool enough I switch from the iced tea of my afternoons to hot tea in the evening. I'm eager to try the new movie tie-in tea from Republic of Tea - I love caramel! I wish it weren't a black tea (caffeinated) though, as I would prefer to serve it as an after-dinner dessert tea. My guests, I know, would not want caffeine late at night.

Caramel Cake Black Tea, at Republic of Tea

LOVELY FOOD: Blueberry Crumble Ice Cream

I just picked up the newest limited edition ice cream from Haagen-Dazs. Not everybody likes crust crumbled into their ice cream, so this might not be everyone's favorite. I personally can't pass up the opportunity to sample any kind of blueberry ice cream! This limited edition flavor will disappear off store shelves in December.

Blueberry Crumble, at Haagen-Dazs


I normally don't really go for sappy animal movies. However, I love so many of the actors in this so much (Ashley Judd, Morgan Freeman, and Harry Connick, Jr.) And it will be nice to have something I can take my nephews to that's not just an animated or 3D movie. I'm definitely putting this movie on my entertainment calendar for the fall.

Dolphin Tale Trailer, at Apple

Dolphin Tale, at IMDB

Dolphin Tale, at Warner Brothers

LOVELY TV: Bar Rescue

Normally I don't watch any shows on the Spike channel, but I am intrigued by this one. I usually can't resist a show about the business side of restaurants and entertaining. Professional bar consultant Jon Taffer visits struggling bars in California and tries to help the owners turn their business around. I bet it will make me very thirsty watching this show!


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