Friday, July 29, 2011

Make the Most of a Beautiful Summer Weekend

"Summer," by Alphonse Mucha

Don't just sit inside in front of the computer or TV (or both!) this weekend. Make the most of your summer. Go outside! If you don't have the budget for a restaurant, movie, club, shopping or other treats, do something fun and free - visit a park, go to the library (something indoors that counts as "going outside" your house!), go for a walk, go blackberry picking, or visit a friend's house.

This fall and winter when you're stuck indoors due to rain, cold and snow, you'll wish your summer had been longer and you'd spent more time outside in the warm sun!


The Ralph Lauren dress I am currently coveting, though I don't normally go for bold florals!

  • Plan to go out tonight? Pick out something fun to wear tonight when you get back from work. Something colorful and summery! Lay out shoes, jewelry and the perfume you'll wear, if you have time before you leave the house today. Then you can enjoy anticipating how lovely you'll look and fresh you feel later this evening when you're doing something fun in beautiful weather.

  • Have you taken any good photos of your children this summer? If so, make time this weekend to print some out to send via snail mail to older relatives who might not be Flickr or Facebook savvy. If not, be sure your camera is charged and ready to go this weekend, to capture those precious faces.

  • Do you have a good charge on your cell phone for this weekend's activities?

  • Glide through your house tidying it up for the weekend. Empty trash cans, throw out any dead flowers, water houseplants, put away shoes, replace magazines in their proper homes or recycle them, wipe down bathroom mirrors and sinks, empty or fill dishwasher, and wipe down kitchen counters as needed.

  • Need to fill up with gas for the weekend, or visit an ATM for cash?


My efforts to keep my house "ready to go" and well maintained have paid off. Today I'm leaving for a weekend vacation in a friend's mountain cabin. Other than emptying the dishwasher in the morning, sweeping the floors of dust tracked in from my dogs, and making my bed, I won't have any housework to do.

I can enjoy my weekend away, knowing my roommate will come home to a clean house, take good care of my dogs and cat, and clean up after himself. I can enjoy my friends, reading, hiking, the hot tub, and relaxing without worrying about my home. Love it!

There's always time to clean and work on home projects when I return.

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Bobbi Brown Tortoiseshell, at Saks Fifth Avenue


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