Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rainy Summer Day

Marimekko Umbrella, on Amazon

Here in Seattle, we know we can't gripe about summertime because so many people are suffering from a heat wave elsewhere. So I won't whine about not being able to wear a sundress, and having to stay indoors today. I'll try to think of the positives - for example, my cousin was planning to come over to help me garden. Now we can watch a movie instead!


  • Tidy kitchen for the day if needed, so you come home to a clean one after work. Empty or fill dishwasher, wipe counters and sink, wipe refrigerator handle, empty trash, sweep floor.

  • If your children have a craft table, drawing table or playroom, how is it looking? Need to have them help you tidy it up? Today's rain makes me think of a crafting day, and I am going to tidy my own workspace.

  • Need to return any library books you or your kids have checked out this summer?

  • Make social plans for the weekend, if you haven't already.

  • Have you written in your journal or diary lately?

  • Check your supplies of juice, milk, bread and anything else you might want to pick up from the store on your way home today.

  • If you use sheet spray, have you sprayed your sheets recently to freshen and scent them with a lovely fragrance?


A bouquet I treated myself to at the Wednesday Farmer's Market

This rainy day makes me want to light a fire in the fireplace (I know those of you in the Midwest's heat wave are grimacing at the very thought right now!) and cozy up with a book. So I think the perfect project for today is tidying and dusting my bookcases. I'm a book hoarder, so my shelves are quite overwhelmed with books.

I've recently done some sorting and organizing projects, so today I'm just dusting the books and shelves, enjoying the smell of the lemon wood oil, and pulling out a couple things to add to my nightstand to read later. This will be an easy, nice-smelling project to do tonight after work. Having shelves of nicely arranged, interesting books is exactly what I want to make my living room and bedroom cozy.


I'm having a hard time choosing the one item from L'Occitane's new summer "Sun Verbena" line that I'll allow myself as a treat. I suspect the Fresh Face Mist won't be good for my skin, and I don't really need a sunscreen or a new perfume. So I'm leaning towards the lotion - always something I use up a lot of and enjoy wearing on my skin. It's advertised as a unisex floral citrus scent, but I won't share it with my boyfriend!

Sun Verbena, at L'Occitane

LOVELY BLOGS: Meals I Have Eaten

This is the blog of a woman who recently moved from Chicago to Philadelphia. She lets you follow along as she explores her new city and enjoys meals at fabulous restaurants. She's recently posted about a 4 course Running with the Bulls meal, a dim sum restaurant, and exploring the Gettysburg Farmer's Market.

LOVELY FOOD: Dragonfly Cakes

These adorable petit fours can be ordered online and shipped either to your lucky gift recipient, or yourself! There are cakes for spring, summer, fall, baby showers, weddings, and birthdays. I keep this site bookmarked in my "quick gifts" folder in case I need to send someone something pretty and tasty.

LOVELY HOME: Caldrea's New Fragrance

If I'm going to be slaving away scrubbing the kitchen, mopping the floor, and wiping down counters, I might as well enjoy a nice fragrance while I do it. I love the new Hibiscus Yuzu fragrance - lime and citrus are always my favorite. I own enough dish soaps, hand soaps and lotions, but definitely needed counter spray, all-purpose cleaner and wipes that smell better than Lysol!

Hibiscus Yuzu, at Caldrea


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