Sunday, July 17, 2011

Returning From a Lake Vacation

I spent the week at a lake house in eastern Washington, admiring this amazing view

I'm refreshed and relaxed from my vacation with friends at a lake house. Now that I'm back, though, I must confess I'm stressing out a bit at catching up with work, housework and laundry.

I'm going to a birthday party later tonight, so I'll tackle a couple quick projects that will make me feel more relaxed. Then I can return home and rest easy this evening before tomorrow morning's workweek begins.


  • Sort mail, pay any bills that have arrived, burn or shred documents.

  • Do any weeding, mowing or gardening that you have time to do on this Sunday afternoon.

  • Need to do any end-of-weekend laundry? Beach towels, picnic blankets, socks and underwear loads? Sleeping on clean sheets tonight?

  • Phone any distant relatives you haven't visited with in a while. Sunday afternoons and early evenings are great for this.

  • Need to clean pet feeding bowls, water dishes or bedding?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Master Bedroom

I left my bedroom clean, bed made and carpet vacuumed. But I came home to a week's worth of dirt tracked into the carpet by pets; my bed's obviously been slept on by both a dog and a cat in my absence; my nightstands and bookshelf are dusty from me leaving my window open; and worst, my bedroom floor is full of a half-unpacked suitcase, stacks of magazines, and pillows I've tossed off the bed.

I'll return my bedroom to a restful, relaxing haven today. After washing windows, dusting furniture, laundering my bedding, vacuuming, unpacking my suitcase and putting away magazines, I'll feel a lot better. I might even sneak in some time to write a quick note or two on the peacock stationery I picked up while I was away.

LOVELY BLOGS: Life of a Foodie and Her Family

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