Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August Comes to a Close

Sandalwood & Ginger Candle, at The Body Shop

August may be over soon, but that doesn't mean summer is gone. Here in Seattle, it's pleasant and sunny in the 70s. I'm dreading another long cold rainy, snowy winter. An Indian summer would be fine with me!

Look back over your last three months. Have you enjoyed your summer? Did you grasp every opportunity to go outside, savor sunshine, eat outdoors, picnic, attend outdoor festivals, and spend time in your garden if that's something you enjoy?

Did you live a lovely life?

If not, you can put some thought and soul searching into what to do differently next year. How will you maximize your happiness and your enjoyment of summer next time around?

Not everything is under our control, but we can make choices every day to live a lovely life.

Tomorrow I'll look ahead through the month of September and also into the upcoming wonderful autumn and holiday season. I'll anticipate, savor, and plan.


  • Need to do any special grocery shopping for back-to-school meals?

  • Or have you purchased your child's cafeteria card or gotten cash ready for their meals this week?

  • Any grocery shopping you can do now to prepare for Labor Day Weekend?

  • Take inventory of your basics. Do you have lightbulbs, matches, toilet paper, garbage bags, Ziplock bags, tape, paper plates, Kleenex and paper towels? Add anything needed to your shopping list.

  • Need to return any library books?

  • Toss out or recycle any old magazines that are from before June and probably won't get read. (This is a particular challenge for me as I'm a magazine hoarder!)

TODAY'S PROJECT: Maintenance Cleaning

Pick a drawer, shelf, closet or cupboard and remove everything. Clean and dust, sort and throw things away, then replace items in an organized manner. Add to your charity or recycling pile if possible.

I am going to pick my office closet. It's a disaster with extra airpop bags, packing peanuts, tissue paper, photography equipment, and items that don't make sense or belong in my office.

LOVELY FOOD: Blueberry Passion Sorbet Bars

New for summer from my favorite ice cream company (Ciao Bella): Blueberry Passionfruit sorbet bars. I'm stocking up a few boxes in my freezer in case they stop making them before Seattle stops having hot days!



Not just a blog, this website is a wealth of resources on lipsticks, lipglosses and cosmetics in general. There's even an entertaining section called Food Friday. Nail polishes have their own section as well. It's hard not to rush out to the store and buy pretty new cosmetics after enjoying this blog for half an hour or so!



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