Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to School for Yourself

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With September on the way, most kids in my area are back in school. I live right next to an elementary school, and every morning I hear their excited little voices as they are being dropped off.

I'm so jealous. I want to go school supply shopping; take notes in a fresh notebook; pore over a syllabus of upcoming readings. I want to sit in a classroom soaking up interesting knowledge. I might even look forward to a teensy bit of homework (as long as it doesn't involve math!)

If you at all have room in your life, see if you can make time this fall for some enriching classes you will enjoy. Be a lifelong learner, and continue to explore your interests. Whether you take classes at a cooking store, community college, karate school, yoga center, or online, give yourself the gift of knowledge. Maybe all you can fit in is a weekend workshop this fall, or an online course you do at night when your kids are in bed.

You may have to trade babysitting with another mother, arrange to leave your children with your partner one night a week, or barricade yourself in your room for an hour a night to finish an online course. You might have to give up TV two nights a week, or limit your daily computer time until the class is over. If it's important to you, you'll find and make the time for yourself.

I know it's hard if you're working, to find time after you get home tired every weeknight. Even if you don't have kids! But you do still have weekends!

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  • When's the last time you personally visited a library?

  • Wipe down kitchen sink and counters; fill or empty dishwasher as needed

  • Take out trash if needed, or make someone in your household help you

  • Declutter and vacuum living room really quickly so you have a nice fresh home to come home to tonight

  • Take a quick inventory of your baking cupboard. Do you have fall goodies on hand, like buttermilk biscuit mix, scone mixes, flour, sugar, muffin mixes, apple crisp topping, cake mixes and cookie ingredients? Add anything missing to your shopping list.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Sign Up for a Class

If you can carve out the time in your life and you're interested, see what kind of class you can sign up for. Your class might be a one-shot cooking class at your local cooking store or health food market; or you might have one night a week to take a writing class at the local community college. Maybe you have a small child at home, so you'll barely have time to take one quick online course.

Whatever you sign up for, give yourself time and energy to learn something for yourself. We shouldn't stop learning just because we're done with high school or college.

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