Friday, August 19, 2011

Leaving Town on a Friday

I'm so tempted by this lovely Juliette pillow that I absolutely don't need

We're going to a family reunion this weekend. Portland is just a three hour drive away, but traffic can be bad on Friday afternoons in the summertime. We'll leave as close to noon as possible. As with any road trip, there's a lot of packing up of the car, finding of music and snacks, and preparations before we can leave.

Because this is a family reunion, last night found me charging up camera batteries, raiding old paper photo albums for pictures, and searching for old family videos.


  • Make weekend socialization plans

  • Need to clean your coffeemaker or espresso machine? Then it will be ready to go for the weekend!

  • Fill your car with gas if needed, and grab cash at an ATM for a bit of pocket money

  • Take a quick look at yourself today. Need to touch anything up? Nails looking good? Need to remove any chipped nail polish (don't forget your toes?). Time to give yourself a manicure or pedicure today, and possibly shave your legs real quickly before you go anywhere tonight? Need to make a color appointment or dye your roots this weekend? Are you wearing something that makes you feel pretty? (I currently have on a limp tank top and faded shorts, so I'm about to go put on a dress!)

  • What will you be doing a week from today when Labor Day weekend starts?

    TODAY'S PROJECT: Bathroom Touchup

    This morning I gave each of the three bathrooms in my house a quick cleaning. We will come home at the end of the weekend to clean bathrooms to shower in!

    It took less than five minutes per bathroom because I've been keeping up nicely with my maintenance cleaning. I'd already mopped the floors recently, and scrubbed one of the showers last week. So a quick swish in each toilet, wipedown of the toilet tanks, emptying of the wastebaskets, switching out a handtowel and bathtowel here and there only took two minutes.

    Next I worked on my bathroom counters, sinks and mirrors. This took around three minutes per bathroom - most of that clearing things off. The first priority was sanitizing, then decluttering. I had too many perfume bottles sitting out on my own counter. Now there's just a candle (Bath & Body Works' Sea Island Cotton), three perfume bottles, a lotion, an empty vase awaiting flowers, and my stack of clean washcloths. My toothbrush, toothpaste, razor and hairbrush are tucked out of sight in their rightful place in the top drawer.

    Now when I get dressed to leave today, I'll be doing it in a bathroom that's not only clean, but fresh, beautiful and relaxing.

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