Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Autumn Closet Sorting

It's still warm in the afternoons here in Seattle, but by evening I need a sweater if I go outdoors. I can still get away with wearing a sundress every day, but it's about time to start putting them away. I'll soon need to get out my warm pants, long sleeve shirts, and sweaters to wear this fall.


  • Need to do any mid-week laundry?

  • How does your house smell today? Do you need to open windows to air out the house, light candles, vacuum carpet with freshener, boil cinnamon in a pot of water on the stove? Or does your house smell nice and fresh as is?

  • How are your houseplants doing? Need to water, fertilize, or adjust them for more light?

  • Need to set any sprinklers tonight? We're still not getting enough rain to keep my lawns green naturally.

  • Can you declutter your mail table (if needed) when you get home from work tonight? Actually process the mail, not just move it around?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Closet Sorting

Sweater Storage Box, from The Container Store

Tonight when I get back from dinner with friends, I plan to sort just one part of my closet: the dresses. I need to put away my summer sundresses, and make sure I can locate the warmer dresses I wear in fall.

I'll also get out my lightest sweaters, inspecting them for wear, missing buttons, dust and dirt, and scent. I put them away clean at the start of summer, but if they smell musty when I take them out of their storage box, I'll have to get them cleaned again. I'll hang them up in the place my sundresses used to hang.

I expect this project to take about an hour, as I'll be removing things, inspecting them, trying them on, putting other things away, and hanging clothing back up.

I'm thinking about picking up this wrap dress from White House/Black Market to add to my business wardrobe. Putting away my sundresses has left me a bit limited in my selection of dresses to wear in fall.

Every year in the fall I tend to do a massive all-day-Sunday closet reorganization. This year, I'm not so sure I want to spend an entire autumn Sunday doing that.

I think I'd rather sort my clothes in a couple evenings here and a couple evenings there - preferably when there's something I want to watch on TV anyways. That way I'm not wasting time watching TV, but I'm also doing a useful project, not just make-work.

LOVELY BLOGS: Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

I've really been enjoying this woman's baking related posts, such as Glam Witch Hat Cupcakes, her Jack Skellington cupcakes and her adorable Back-to-school pencil cupcakes. Her posts get literally thousands of comments, so she must have a lot of readers. I'm surprised I haven't stumbled onto this gem before. Enjoy your time browsing here!


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