Friday, September 23, 2011

First Day of Autumn

Large Marble Pumpkin Candleholder, at Crate and Barrel

Happy Autumn Equinox!

With our still-warm weather here in Seattle, I'm struggling with what to wear every day. Mornings and evenings are chilly, so I want long sleeves, but our afternoons are very warm or even hot. It's not time for a coat, and a sweater is even a bit much after 10am. It's time to get out lightweight sweaters and cute wraps to layer with.


  • Put on some music that makes you think of fall. To me this means Loreena McKennitt, Mediaeval Baebes, Miranda Sex Garden, Throwing Muses, or Stevie Nicks to me.

  • Get some exercise. Take a long walk, run briskly in the mall from sale to sale, put on some music and dance, mow your lawn, or go for a bike ride. Exercise staves off depression and gloom as we move into the darker, rainier part of the year.

  • Catch up on emails tonight. I've gotten my mail email box down to 65 - instead of saving all these, I should reply, archive or delete them.

  • Need to wash your car today? This might be my last non-rainy chance to get my car looking decent. It takes me less than ten minutes to thoroughly wash and dry the car.

  • If you celebrate autumn equinox, have a special family dinner tonight using harvest-themed foods. Have a bonfire, donate to a food bank, express gratitude and thankfulness for all you have.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Fall Closet Organization

Thinking about adding this Alfani shirt to my business wardrobe

I've done two small closet organization projects on weeknights lately: One to put away sundresses and get out fall dresses and sweaters; a second to sort pants and skirts. Tonight I'll finish up, doing an overall sort, getting rid of donation items, tidying my shoes, throwing out an old suitcase, and finding new homes for two or three boxes that don't belong in here.

Time to put away bathing suits, skimpy tank tops, shorts, and sandals. It's still too early to get my holiday gowns out of storage, so I have a bit of extra room in my closet for now. As I put things away, I'll inspect for damage, wear and tear, and see if any clothing needs to be dry cleaned first. I don't want to put away dirty clothing.

I also need to tidy my basket of bras, basket of underwear, and the folded piles of tshirts and nightdresses I sleep in. Luckily I've recently sorted my sock drawer and stocking drawer, so my task tonight is a short one. That gives me plenty of time to go out with friends, dressed in something pretty I'll find in the closet today.

If you sort your closet tonight, be sure to lay out something special to wear tomorrow - something you haven't worn in a long while that looks pretty on you.

LOVELY BLOGS: Positively Splendid

"The art and soul of a handcrafted lifestyle." This mother and sewing enthusiast blogs about cooking, sewing, paper crafting, home decorating, and the DIY spirit. Check out her many interesting tutorials, including this honeycomb nursery wall canvas tutorial, a lovely calla lily wreath, and a ruffled autumn leaf tee.

LOVELY BATH & BODY: The Thymes' Bergamot Vert

I'm excited about The Thymes' new fall line. I love the taste of bergamot in my tea and I generally enjoy products scented with it as well. This also has jasmine (one of my favorites) and citrus scents, plus a touch of red currant. The line includes a body wash (that I'll probably pick up), a lotion, soap, bubble bath (I miss my bathtub!) cologne, home fragrance candle (that tempts me too) and a hand wash for the kitchen or bathroom sink.

Bergamot Vert, at The Thymes

LOVELY HOME: Retro Ice Bags

I'm thinking of stocking one of these in my bathroom cabinet. Not only can you use it cold for headaches, bumps and bruises - you can also fill it with hot water for tummyaches or aching muscles. I'd have a hard time choosing which of the four I would purchase, they're so cute.

Retro Ice Bags, at The Container Store


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