Friday, September 09, 2011

Get Ready for the Weekend

Some of the potted fall flowers that greet guests on my front porch


  • Need to fill up with gas for the weekend, get cash out of an ATM, return library books, return Redbox and Netflix DVDs?

  • Go through your fridge and throw out any leftovers or takeout food or sack lunch leftovers from the week. You're probably not going to eat them this weekend if you haven't already by now. This will make room in case you bring home leftovers from a restaurant this weekend.

  • Finalize your socialization plans for the weekend.

  • Are you participating in any 5K runs or walks this month? I'm doing one September 25 I need to register for, and another in early October. Do you have yourself registered at your 5Ks, if this is something you enjoy doing?

  • Tidy your house in preparation for the weekend. Empty vases of any dead flowers, then rinse the vases out and put them away. Declutter kitchen counters, load or unload dishwasher as needed. Wipe kitchen counter and sink; wipe bathroom sinks and mirrors. Sweep wood floors; vacuum living or family room if needed. Declutter dining room table if it's being used for storage. Run through the house really quickly emptying trash cans and removing any cups or drinking glasses that have wandered out of the kitchen. Finish by spritzing with home spray or burning home fragrance oil or incense.

  • Are you going to any Octoberfest festivities later this month? If this is something that appeals to you, take a look at your city's newspaper or web resource page and make plans to go.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Master Bedroom Decluttering

I don't have time to do a big housecleaning project today. I'm working and getting ready to go to a picnic dinner with friends. When I get home tonight, I want to watch a rented movie with my teenager.

So I'm doing a much-needed minor project: Decluttering my bedroom. Somehow things got out of hand in this workweek's happy chaos. There are piles of bills that simply need to be sorted into my organizer; a topply stack of magazines that should be organized (and read, then recycled this weekend); a Hello Kitty tote bag full of bikini and sunscreen that should be put away; a craft project that's not getting worked on this weekend and thus should go back into its box; and too many books on my nightstand.

When I come home tonight after visiting friends, and fall into bed after staying up late watching a movie, I'll be doing it in a relaxing room that isn't cluttered up with my hobbies!

LOVELY BEVERAGES: Pumpkin Spice Latte

It's back. My Facebook news feed is exploding with various friends and family members cheering and drooling over this seasonal drink. (I don't care for coffee myself; I tend more to be tempted to naughtiness by caramel cream Frappuccinos). Let's enjoy the occasional Pumpkin Spice Latte (or Frappuccino in my case) but not overdo it - they're calorie laden and expensive. Everything in moderation!

Pumpkin Spice Latte, at Starbucks

LOVELY BLOGS: Hollywood Housewife

A writer, mom, and wife of a producer blogs from Los Angeles about her life. She finds really interesting links, shares occasional recipes and pics of her home decor, and I even enjoy the occasional TMI post like this one discussing getting a bikini wax while 8 months pregnant.


I'm wearing the new fragrance from Fresh right now as we ease from summer into fall. I love the citrus notes, but also the way the brown sugar fragrance warms things up for autumn.

Brown Sugar Eau de Parfum, at Fresh


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