Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kitchen Tidying

Enamel Utensil Holder, at The Container Store

I don't want to spend all day today cleaning. I'm going out to dinner and cocktails tonight. So other than my daily vacuuming and a quick folding and hanging of some laundry that's fresh out of the dryer, I'll just do a small project today.

I know I'm going to spend a bit of time tomorrow baking in the kitchen, so I think I will get the kitchen tidied up. That way it's ready to get totally messy tomorrow!


  • Plan something to do this weekend just for you. If you can steal two hours, treat yourself to a movie out (whether by yourself or with a friend), a two hour window shopping excursion, or a long book-reading session. If you can only steal one hour, try a hot bath, a quick shopping trip errand by yourself or a walk alone. If you can only carve out 15 mins for yourself, try dancing to two fun songs, or sitting in complete silence, eyes closed, relaxing.

  • Any friends you haven't seen in a while that you might like to socialize with tomorrow? Call them up today so they have plenty of notice.

  • Need to check your supplies of pet food? I was getting a bit low on cat food so made a quick trip to the store to remedy that. They would certainly have kept me up all night crying if I'd forgotten!

  • Have you enjoyed any of autumn's harvest foods this week? Peaches, pears, apples, apple cider?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Kitchen Tidying

Melamine Mixing Bowl Set, at Crate and Barrel

I am not ready to do a full-on fall kitchen cleaning. That comes next month, according to my internal homemaking schedule. For now, I want a clean, clutter-free, cozy atmosphere to work in. So I'm whisking through the kitchen and my former breakfast nook (which is now a sitting area) making everything look nice.

I'll start by lighting my pumpkin cinnamon candle. Next I'll turn on Food Network on my small kitchen TV so I have some background noise to listen to while I work. I'm going to skip mopping the floor in here since it will get floury tomorrow, but I need to wipe down the counters.

I'll want to make as much counter work room as possible for tomorrow's cooking fest, so some decluttering is in order. I need to unload the dishwasher, fill it with dirty dishes, then scrub the kitchen sink.

I've kept up with my regular Sunday fridge/freezer cleaning habit, so I only have one shelf to clean today. I'll have a nice sorted, organized fridge to work with tomorrow.

Taking out the recycling and checking my fruit basket for moldy food is next.
Decluttering counters is paramount. I'm trying to prioritize things that get used every day, and put away other things that are used only once a week or so. I'd love to find a way to get my oils, vinegars and cooking sauces up off the counter. Some of them get used every day (such as the olive oil) but I never know what I'm going to need until I start cooking dinner. The shelves above the counter aren't strong enough for the weight of so many bottles, but my pantry is too far away and too deep to make storing oils there convenient. Definitely a dilemma!

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