Monday, September 12, 2011

Mid-Autumn Festival

There will be a beautiful Harvest Moon tonight! Be sure to go outside and enjoy viewing it this evening.


  • Let's spend some time today on our area rugs and throw rugs. I'm going to vacuum all of mine, sweep under them, and sponge-clean the one by my front door. The rug by my back door (the one that gets lots of muddy dog feet on it!) has been hosed off and is hanging to dry on the railing, since we have a hot sunny day. My bathroom rugs are currently in the washing machine, and my kitchen rug has been shaken out thoroughly and replaced in its spot by the back door.

  • Have you made time the last couple evenings for yourself, to linger in the bath, or read the book by your bedside table? Or are you just dropping into bed exhausted and ready for sleep?

  • It's Harvest time. Have you enjoyed a fresh apple or fresh pear this week?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Mid-Autumn Festival

Thanking the Moon, on Amazon

I'm not attending or hosting a mid-autumn festival party, but I'll remember my Chinese friends who are celebrating tonight.

I'm also going outside to see tonight's harvest moon. It's warm enough in the evening I won't need to wrap up or even wear a sweater. I'll let my dogs roam the yard, enjoying extra time outside, as we bask in the harvest moonlight.

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Joy to the World said...

Those moon cakes are SOOO cute! It reminds me of those European molded cookies. Springerel? Springerly? Something like that.