Monday, September 26, 2011

A New Week in Autumn

My new tradition for several years now is to buy celosia from my local Trader Joe's and put it in my front yard in autumn. Love the electric colors!


  • Make meal plans for the week; create grocery list

  • Look ahead at your week. Are you spending quality time with family, socializing with friends, but also having a couple quiet nights at home?

  • Sweep kitchen and front entryway if needed. I find I can easily complete this task while water heats for my tea in the morning.

  • Check on houseplants, watering, pruning and turning as needed.

  • Need to sweep any autumn leaves off your driveway, sidewalk, front or back patios?


This bouquet sits on a table in my living room, bringing a bit of cheer and color

Tonight I'm throwing a small dinner party for a few friends. We're watching the first episode of Pan Am, thanks to my DVR. (The aired at 10pm last night, too late for a worknight viewing). I'm serving a themed meal, based on 1960s Pan Am menus.

I've already cleaned my kitchen yesterday, plus gotten cat hair off the breakfast nook furniture. I got the dining table and tablecloth ready, and last night I set out the dishes I'll be using. I couldn't quite set the table yet as my roommate likes to eat breakfast at the table in the morning.

So today all I have to do is grocery shop, make my tomato soup, cook the rest of the meal, then vacuum and sweep at the very last possible minute. (This is a three dog two cat household!)

I just cleaned cat hair off this chair in preparation for tonight's party; looks like I'll have to give it another quick swipe just before dinner!

Three babies under the age of two are attending, so I'll get out a couple of my stored toy baskets with toys appropriate to their age. I only have one high chair, so I'm not sure how their parents will manage the babies' meals.

Because I have a dishwasher, I expect after-dinner cleanup to take only 15 or 20 minutes. Perfect for a school and worknight party!

LOVELY BLOGS: Modern Retro Woman

This fun blog features "Theatrical Thursdays" (vintage commercials and school films, "Midcentury Charm School" (retro beauty and fashion tips), "Friday Finds," and "Retro Wordpower." There are also a huge amount of posts on home economics - cooking, "decorating liveable homes," etiquette, entertaining, and the art of homemaking.

The blogger's name is Dr. Julie-Ann, a special education teacher for 25 years. She is "Trying to live like my grandmother Lois (1908-1979) in a modern world (with a little bit of June Cleaver, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly thrown in, too, for good measure)." I think you'll enjoy her practical and non-preachy advice on homemaking here!

LOVELY HOME: Autumn Table Linens

I'm tempted to pick up a new set of table linens for autumn. My existing set is getting a little ratty, worn and tired looking. I'll throw it out if I do succumb and buy new linens - no need to clutter up my linen closet with old linens that won't likely get used in the future.

Harvest Embroidered Suzani Napkins, at Pottery Barn

Harvest Suzani Table Runner, at Pottery Barn


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Lori said...

I just love reading your blog! It's always full of interesting and inspiring words and links. Thanks for doing such a great job with it!

Carrie said...

Thank you so much Lori. You have perfect timing - I was just yesterday feeling like I am writing into a void with no readers! So few comments here and so few likes on Facebook, I sort of felt invisible yesterday! Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself.

Lori said...

I've been reading your blog for a few years now, I always enjoy it! So many great tips and ideas, and the idea of cleaning a little bit each day, especially the refrigerator maintenance, have really been so inspiring. I'm sorry I haven't commented before, but you are not writing into a void. :-) I've passed several of your posts and links along to other friends as well! So, thanks again!