Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Returning After Labor Day Weekend

My dogs enjoying the local dog park this weekend


  • Need to eat up, use up or throw out leftovers from the long weekend?

  • Is it time to clean your fans and put them away for the year? It's been so nice (and chilly) here I haven't used my bedroom fan in over a week. I don't want to put away dirty fans (though they'll get dusty in the garage) so I'm taking a minute to wipe them down.

  • Peek into your coat closet. Is there room for the coats and rain jackets you and your family will need for the upcoming autumn months? Need to clean out the closet, get rid of extra umbrellas, sort old board games?

  • Prepare a special lunch for your kids' first day back to school after the holiday.

  • When's the last time you wrote in your journal, diary or blog, if this is something important to you? Make time as needed.

  • Make any phone calls to relatives if you haven't over the weekend. Don't forget your in-laws!

TODAY'S PROJECT: Laundry and Laundry Room

Le Blanc Silk and Lingerie Wash, on Amazon

Were you able to get some laundry done over the weekend? Or, like me, did you enjoy participating in too many fun events and neglected your laundry?

Today I'm catching up on towels, bath mats, cleaning rags, and a bedspread with too much cat hair on it.

While I'm waiting for the cycles to finish, I'm tidying my laundry room, mopping the laminate floor in there, sorting and inventorying my laundry and cleaning supplies. I'll finish by dusting the wood cabinets that hang above my washer and dryer.

Tonight when I'm watching my one hour TV show I can easily fold laundry, rehang towels and run out during commercials to replace bath mats.

It's easier to keep our laundry up to date when the laundry room itself is neat, clean and organized.

Do you have laundry to do? Hand washing? Ironing? Folding?

LOVELY BLOGS: Craft Critique

This blog is chock full of craft reviews, crafting news, craft ideas and crafting videos. I suspect this blog will become even more fun the closer it gets to Halloween. Picture heavy posts (I mean that as a compliment!) and lots of colorful ideas.


LOVELY FASHION: A Dress for Dining Out

Today I'm going to go try on this gray jacquard dress. I've been looking for something elegant (but not too formal) to wear out to very nice restaurants or even to the theater. (Nobody in Seattle other than me really dresses up for the theater, but I don't care!) I didn't want a little cocktail dress, nor did I want a gown.

I think (assuming this is flattering on me) this will be exactly the inbetween, elegant dress I was hoping for.

Jacquard Dress, at White House Black Market


I've been very tempted by this adorable machine. Cake pops are so in right now, and I'm not sure I'd go through all the work to make them if I had to do it all by myself. If this cake pop maker were to work reliably, I might serve cake pops at cocktail parties more often.

However, I'm short on cupboard and counter space, so I have to think long and hard about this purchase. How often would I really use it? Perhaps this is a good gift to split with friends - it could live at a different person's house every 30 days?

Baby Cakes Cake Pop Maker, on Amazon

LOVELY STATIONERY: Color Swatch Journals

These Color Swatch Journals come in Aqua, Orange, Pink and Lime. These are summery colors so I wish I'd seen them earlier in the year. They would make a great pop of color in springtime too, laying around one's desk or tucked into a purse.

Color Swatch Journals, at Rock Scissor Paper


Caterpillar in the Grass Cupcakes (Babble)

Chocolate Cinnamon Profiteroles with Toffee Sauce (Bakingdom)

Home Brewing Hard Cider (The Tally Type)

Magic Sauce (101 Cookbooks)

Pear Cider, Tomato Sauce and Red Potatoes (Sweet Local Farm)

Reading for Beads (Godless Housewife)

A Simple, Satisfying Side Salad (Eat Something New)

Vegan Flower Back-to-School Bento (Bentovention)


subgirl said...

I'm now having LL emailed to me do I'm finally back on schedule. Though sometimes it's a bit hard for me since I don't have most of the amenities your home does (no dishwasher, no washing machine or laundry room, no coat closet, no central heat or air, no dining room or dining table... and I bet my rent is more than your mortgage, too!). It's not hard in that I can't apply the good advice, it's just hard because I sooooo wish I had these things!! I dearly miss the dishwasher (and garbage disposal and sink sprayer, too) the most. Oh if it were just a matter of a few moments to put the dishes in the washer or to throw a load of clothes in the wash. It seems like all the little daily tasks for LL are all-day affairs in my home! :) I just had to share the sad little chuckle I make at the ability to do those things quickly and efficiently.

Lots of LL are wonderful wishful fancies but I think I've got a few more than the average reader! :)

I am super glad that I'm getting LL sent by email now, I won't miss a post again!

Thanks for keeping it going!

subgirl said...

Also, that dress is *stunning* and perfect for what you describe.

Do let us know if it works out! *fingers crossed*

Carrie said...

Actually I think your "lack of" items makes your life easier as it guides you (forces you) to prioritize.

You really don't need a dishwasher if you carefully wash and use your one, two or three dishes you use a day every time you use them. Handwash your cereal bowl immediately after using it and put it back in the cupboard; use the same mug for hot tea all day and wash it/cupboard it at bedtime. My lunch is usually a sandwich and a glass of iced tea - one plate and one glass to wash and put back.

Because I have a dishwasher I get lazy, use multiple dishes a day and let dishes sit in the sink overnight waiting for a household member to put the clean dishes away.

I definitely appreciate not having to take my laundry to a laundromat and wait for it there!