Thursday, September 01, 2011

September Begins

Lidded Pumpkin Bowl, at Pier 1

A new month begins. We're easing into fall, and slowly saying goodbye to summer. Today I take my outdoor umbrellas down, bring in the outdoor furniture, and change out my seasonal curtains and linens. Time to burn up the last of my lavender scented candles - it's almost time to get out the pumpkin-scented ones.


  • Look ahead on your calendar at the upcoming month. Do you need to schedule any salon, pet grooming, dentist, doctor, optometrist, or other appointments for yourself or any family members?

  • Look at any upcoming birthdays this month. Get ready to send gifts, cards, flowers, or make phone calls as needed.

  • Make any phone calls or send emails you need to catch up with family and friends, especially people you suspect you didn't speak with in August.

  • Take some time to look over your budget for the month of September. Not just your financial budget (which is very important too) but your time budget. Do you have time for gardening, homemaking, work, projects, hobbies - but also time for family, friends, pets, and very importantly, yourself?

  • Eat some of the last of summer fruit before we move into enjoying autumn's bounty. Slice up melons, make fresh squeezed lemonade or limeade, or eat some ice cold watermelon.

  • Ready for Labor Day weekend? Packed, if you are traveling? Provisioned, if you are hosting?

  • Pay beginning-of-the month bills, rent or mortgage as needed.

  • Make time for yourself sometime today outdoors while it's still nice enough to enjoy it. Take a longer walk than usual; take some of your summer magazines out on the porch with some iced tea and enjoy them.

  • It's time to finish reading our summery magazines, or anything with
    summer recipes, beach house decoration or island travel themes. Coastal Living, Bon Appetit, Gourmet, and pre-October issues of Good Housekeeping, House & Garden, etcetera. These will hold us back from getting into the mood for fall, so let's read, enjoy then recycle them!

TODAY'S PROJECT: Easing Into September

The last rose of summer, from my garden

It's still nice enough to sit outside, supervising my dogs while I read a magazine. But I'm wearing a sweater, and my seat is slightly damp from some early morning rain. Today I'm making time to take down my outdoor umbrellas, put away my outdoor candles and dishes, bring inside some wicker furniture, and put away some decorations I had in the yard.

Some of you are still living in very hot weather right now. But if it's getting too chilly to be outside, it might be time to put away your patio furniture. Use it one last time, enjoying your patio while reading magazines, paying bills or writing a quick note to a relative. Let's let our significant others do all the heavy lifting and washing off and storing; but we can still put away our summer decor, beach towels, citronella candles, etc.

Stacking Storage Bins, at The Container Store

I have two large plastic storage boxes marked Summer. Into them today is going all my summer tablecloths and tablerunners, my blue and white polkadot outdoor dishes, any leftover unused summery paper napkins, my teal votive holders, my citronella candles, tealights in the wrong color scheme for fall, and anything else I used to decorate for outdoor parties.

With these boxes safely tucked away in our storage shed, I'll be able to get out fall decor and start decorating in autumnal colors this week.

I'll also begin changing out my light summery lacy curtains, putting up brown-and-blue organza curtains in the dining room instead. My hot pink and orange living room cushions will be replaced with chocolate-brown-and-light-blue pillows downstairs, and my fall green decorative pillows upstairs. I'm not ready to go full-out fall decorating (hauling out my decorative pumpkins, autumn wreath, etc) yet though.

Time to toss those old, crusty sunscreens. Supposedly it goes bad after a year so we'll have to buy new ones next May anyway. Keep a couple newer looking ones, in different SPF, around in case of emergencies. Never know when you're going to win the lottery and immediately jump on a plane for Hawaii!

Beach towels need to be laundered and stored or put far away in the linen cupboard. We'll need the room for fall linens and cuddly throws.

On my mantel, the last of my summery candle scents are burning merrily away (lavender, linen, and clementine). Tomorrow I'll light my fall-scented pomegranate candles left over from last year.

I'm looking forward to autumn, but sad to leave summer behind. And I'm a bit dreading a long cold winter with two hyperactive Labrador dogs and a Doberman trapped in the house much of the time!

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