Friday, October 28, 2011

Almost Halloween

Autumn Petit Fours, from Norm Thompson


  • Have you tried on your costume and accessories to be sure they fit and look the way you want them to?

  • Need to rake leaves on your lawn yet (or better yet, have a kid do it?)

  • Dust your bedroom really quickly, if needed. I don't know about you, but my bedroom gets dusty so quickly. Maybe it's that our unusually warm weather has let me open the windows so often. I have to dust one bookcase, two night tables, a wooden jewelry box and the "hope chest" my television sits on. And the television itself needs to be dusted, too.

  • Fill up with gas for the weekend; visit an ATM for cash if needed.

  • Have you looked through your city's local events/arts newspaper lately? It can give you really good ideas for fun things to do - upcoming concerts, plays, restaurants to try, etc. Today during my lunch break I'm going to read my copies of "Seattle Met" and "Seattle Magazine" for a little catching up on what's going on in my city.

  • Take inventory of pet food, and do a collar inspection. Are your pet's collars fraying? dirty? Still reflective (for pets who go outdoors)? License, rabies tag and identification still attached and readable?

  • Tidy up real quickly for the weekend. Wipe down counters and mirrors, empty trashcans, remove magazines and clutter from the living room. Empty off the dining table and breakfast nook table if they need it. Remove items piled on stairs to be taken upstairs; hang up coats, put away umbrellas and shoes.

  • Throw out dead flowers; replace with fresh new ones to enjoy

  • Take quick inventory for your shopping list if you intend to go shopping this weekend. Shampoos/bath stuff? Cleaning supplies? Groceries? Light bulbs? Batteries? Fresh flowers? Laundry detergent? Toilet paper/paper towels? Cold medicine? Christmas shopping?

  • Make weekend socialization plans if you haven't already

TODAY'S PROJECT: Halloween Preparation

Beaded Pumpkins and Gourds, from Z Gallerie

If you're throwing a party, you might have a lot of things to do today.

If you're a mom, you might need to finish shopping or help your kids get their costumes ready.

Need to buy candy to give to trick-or-treaters, if you are staying home? Do you have music and movies ready to enjoy tomorrow night, if you aren't going out to a party?

Need to give yourself a manicure before tomorrow? I'm painting my nails blood red to accessorize my Maleficent costume.

I'm going to a party on Saturday, and luckily I just have to bring an easy dish: mummy hot dogs. Tonight I'll make sure my "Maleficent" costume fits, and I'll probably practice the makeup I'll wear on Halloween. Then I'll settle in tonight for my yearly tradition, watching "The Nightmare Before Christmas.

LOVELY BLOGS: Multiply Delicious

I could spend weeks exploring the lovely high-quality content here. There are sections about food, kids, and moms. Check out her recent post on Halloween crafts for kids.


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