Thursday, October 27, 2011

Windstorm Preparedness

A sight like this makes even a mundane daily trip to the post office joyful


  • Kitchen floor need sweeping or mopping? Counters clean?

  • Need to wipe dust and hair off the felt pads on the legs of your barstools and dining chairs?

  • Tidy bathrooms - refresh toilet paper rolls, empty trash cans if needed, wipe down mirrors, sinks and counters, change out hand towels and rugs as needed

  • How is everybody in your house doing for fresh, clean pajamas to wear tonight?

  • Do you have a fall wreath on your front door? If you own an autumn-themed or Halloween doormat, have you swapped it out so it's on your doorstep?

  • Have you baked any delicious muffins or quick breads lately, if that's something you enjoy doing, and if your family enjoys helping you eat them up?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Windstorm Preparedness

Liquid Emergency Candle, on Amazon

I'll never forget Seattle's worst windstorm, in 2006. We lost power for eight days. We toughed it out for a few days, but then had to go stay with friends whose power had come back on after the fourth day. During the four nights we spent without power, we were extremely lucky that the outside temperatures didn't dip below 30. (Inside the house it was a mere 40 degrees, brr!)

We were also - I don't want to say "lucky" because I was well prepared - better off because I'd planned ahead. We had three nights worth of firewood, canned food we could heat over our outdoor fire pit, plenty of candles and matches, and extra comforters.

Right before the windstorm had hit, I'd fortunately decided it was a good idea to run two loads of laundry, quickly pop some wet sheets into the dryer, and run the dishwasher. This meant we had clean clothes and sheets for the next week, and a dishwasher full of clean dishes I didn't have to wash by hand in the dark cold kitchen.

Now every year as autumn approaches, I start hoarding firewood, candles, and emergency supplies. I'm lucky I have a big garage to store things in. But I don't let my hoard take over the indoors of my house!

Cyalume Safety Light, on Amazon

Today I'm taking inventory of my flashlights, batteries, candles, firewood, matches, Cyalume light sticks, canned soup, the pan I cook with outdoors, and other emergency supplies. I'm also making sure I could get ahold of those things quickly in an emergency.

Also, I remember driving to various locations to charge up my laptop, cell phone and camera batteries. Are you able to locate your chargers and any power-related accessories, should you have to go elsewhere to recharge everything?

Are you ready for a power outage?

Emergency Supply Checklist (Ready.Gov)

Emergency Preparedness Checklist (FEMA)

Take Winter by Storm

LOVELY BATH & BODY: L'Occitane's New Shea Butter Scents

I rely on shea butter for my hands every day. Now my favorite company's come out with scented shea butter lotions and body butters, too. I'm excited! So far Hibiscus Flower is my favorite, and I'm not impressed with the powdery scent of Desert Rose.

Shea Butter, at L'Occitane

LOVELY BLOGS: Leap of Taste

I spent more time exploring this cooking blog today than I intended. (Oh well, the vacuuming will still be waiting for me later today). Recent delicious sounding recipes include Harvest Quinoa Stuffed Peppers, Chocolate chip banana cupcakes with cashew buttercream, whole wheat spiced apple cheddar muffins, and I think very soon I'll try making hearty roasted tomato sauce.


Apple Cider Ice Cream (Amanda's Cookin')

Corn Dog Muffins (Shugary Sweets)

Pumpkin Cake with Chocolate Ganache (Shugary Sweets)

Warm Egg Salad Sandwich with Provolone (Worth the Whisk)

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