Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Getting Ready for the Baking Season

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Today I'm getting my baking tools, supplies, and decorations ready for the holiday baking I'm eagerly anticipating.


  • Need to sweep leaves off your front porch?

  • Does your entryway or front hall need sweeping or vacuuming?

  • Any Netflix or Redbox movies to return this week? Any library books to be dropped off?

  • Is there fresh fruit in a bowl in your kitchen or on your dining table, waiting to be sliced and eaten?

  • Do you have tissues in your purse, car and coat pockets?

  • The month is winding down. Anything you wanted to get done this month, any place you wanted to go, any remaining projects to finish up?

TODAY'S PROJECT: Baking Cupboard Reorganization

This is my current cookie-and-cupcake sprinkles cupboard. Things fall out when I open it, and it's a disorganized mess. With all the holiday cookie, cake, cupcake and pie baking I plan to do, I'd better get this sorted, organized, and relocated to a place where I can see my things easily.

I currently have a pile of frostings, decorating gels and other supplies on the counter. They've been there for over two weeks. This is not acceptable! Time to move things into their own cupboard and clear up counter space the way it should be.

I'm wasting a lot of space in this kitchen cabinet. This is where I keep my "tasting party" dishes, tiny accessories, bento and sushi molds and supplies, two mandolines (I only need one), egg cups I never use, and odd-shaped serving plates. I also keep my spices in here - the only good use of this space.

I've decided to move my baking supplies into this cupboard, and the "tasting party" plates will move into storage in the garage - carefully labeled with the date so I can reevaluate in six months if I've used them or not. If not, it will be long past time to get rid of them.

I don't have an "after" picture for you yet as I've just begun this project today, right after breakfast.


I just found out about this tea, and have not yet tasted it. It's hard to tell from the dark pictures on the website, but they sell their teas in absolutely gorgeous tea tins. (Check out this LA Times article about the tins). At $45 per tin, it's unlikely I'll taste this tea any time soon. I'll keep it in mind as a luxury gift for those hard-to-surprise wealthy relatives or older family members.



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