Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Spending a Leisurely Evening at Home

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Tonight I'm doing whatever it takes to have some quiet time and alone time. I had a couple opportunities to go out and do things tonight, but I said no thank you. There will be plenty of chances to go out on the weekend.

Tonight I'll stay home, spend time with my dogs and my teenager, eat leftovers, read my current book ( Sweetly, a Hansel & Gretel retelling), and catch up on some shows on my Tivo. I just wish I had my own bathtub to take a long hot bath in. (Currently, possession of the only bathtub in the house belongs to my male roommate so he can have a bathroom to himself).

I forgot to mention we are lighting a luxurious fire in the fireplace!


  • Check over your Thanksgiving grocery shopping list, if needed. I shop early for my canned goods, frozen items and baking supplies. This lets me avoid crowded, stressful stores in the week leading up to Thanksgiving. I still have to go to the store, of course, to get fresh produce and dairy.

  • When's the last time you defragmented or backed up your computer?

  • Is your anti-virus software up to date?

  • If you enjoy incense or candles, when's the last time you burned some?

  • Need to do any laundry? Pet bedding? Towels? Clothes for everybody to wear this week?

  • If you're taking a car trip for Thanksgiving, start setting aside things you'll need in the car. CDs or Ipod stocked with music for the grownups, toys and car games for the kids, snacks and Wet Wipes for everyone. Blankets, water and emergency gear if you'll be traveling through snowy or icy areas. Pet food if you're bringing your pets.

TODAY'S PROJECT: Oven and Stove

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With holiday dinners and festive parties coming up, you'll need your oven and stove in peak condition. (If you're going to someone else's house for Thanksgiving, you can still enjoy having a clean stove to use for yourself in the next couple weeks.)

Clean your burners, replace aluminum foil if necessary, clean the stovetop, and then work on the inside of your oven. Degrease splatters from the top of the stove and the wall above it. Clean the oven vent too.

Is there a cupboard over your stove that has spatters or oil on it too? Clean your broiler if needed, and anything else oven-related that's not looking shiny clean.

Are you storing bakeware and cookie sheets in your oven instead of in a cupboard? (I am, and I have to pull them out of my way every time). Do any of these need to be washed, or are they ready to be used? Anything oven-related you're not using and can get rid of? Anything you need for the oven that you should put on your shopping list or wish list?

Finish by checking over your oven mitts and potholders. Throw out any that are stained, smell bad or have holes in them. Replacing these will barely cost a few dollars, and it's not worth the risk of burning yourself to keep around cruddy old potholders.

Now you're ready to bake and cook for company, parties, your family, or even just a treat for yourself!

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Crystal blogs from the American South, sharing her tips on creating on a home on a tight budget, while wearing adorable shoes. She blogs about DIY, crafting, and cooking. I think you'll enjoy her spunky, cheerful, friendly attitude and benefit from her tips.


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