Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day on 11/11/11

A sunny tree-lined path at the dog park today

Today isn't supposed to be just a day off from work. Call your friends and family members who have been members of the military (even if they haven't been on active duty in war time) and thank them. They'll appreciate it so much. Even if you don't agree with the political climate and wartime of the past decade or more, this is a nice gesture you can do to let someone know that you are thinking of them and remember their service.


  • Are you flying a flag outside your home or apartment today?

  • Have you had your carpets cleaned in the last six months? If not, make an appointment to have your carpets cleaned, or rent a steamer from your local grocery, hardware or Home Depot this weekend. I don't really like to clean my carpets right before the rainy, snowy, muddy season, but I also don't like to invite guests over when I have filthy carpets! Every time I have my carpet cleaned I realize how affordable it is. I have a relatively small cozy house, and lots of wood floors. My three bedrooms, living room and small hallway can be cleaned professionally for around $130.

  • Fill your car with gas for the weekend, if needed.

  • Check your coat closet, which is going to get a lot of use in the next couple months. Does it need to be tidied up? Any coats that have migrated elsewhere in the house? They need to be rehung in their proper place in the coat closet. Any coats that are looking dingy or smelling musty? If so, take them to the dry cleaner.

Air and Exercise

It's an unexpectedly warm and sunny day here in Seattle. Instead of cleaning and doing housework, I'm taking my dogs to the park for an extra long visit. When I get home I might consider raking some leaves while it's still light. But I also might give myself a quiet evening at home, relaxing and watching a movie.

One of my dogs "hunting" his brother in the tall grass at the dog park

LOVELY BEAUTY: Betsey Johnson's New Perfume

Too Too, by Betsey Johnson

The packaging on this new Betsey Johnson fragrance cracks me up. It's so foofie! The scent is lovely - not too sweet, not too powdery - but I will restrain myself since I already have more perfume than I can possibly wear and use up in the next couple years.

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