Friday, December 02, 2011

Making Winter Festive

Philosophy "Snow Angel" Shower Gel and Shampoo, on Sephora


  • Wrap a gift or write one holiday card

  • Fill up with gas for the weekend if needed; stop by an ATM for cash

  • Drop off Netflix or Redbox from the week; pick up a movie if you want to watch one this weekend

  • Eat some fruit, if you haven't already today

  • Quickly declutter one room, if any of your rooms need it.

  • Sort mail table and pay any bills that came in lately.

  • Recycle latest magazines/catalogs you are done with. I have a lot of catalogs this time of year!

TODAY'S PROJECT: Making Winter Festive

My cart full of goodies from Whole Foods: A tabletop Christmas tree; a box of Satsuma oranges; frozen appetizers in case of an impromptu party; and a dozen red roses I'll put in a red vase in my living room

Today I'm provisioning for the festive winter ahead. I'm stocking up on hot cocoa; buying tasty things for the holiday gift baskets I'll give to local friends and family; selecting greenery for my home (wreath, garlands and table centerpiece); adding things to my Christmas holiday baking cupboard; and buying fresh flowers to decorate my home. I'm also picking up a couple of red or green candles as I use so many during the holidays.

Whimsy Decor Collection, from Z Gallerie

When I get home, I'll be busy unpacking everything and putting it away. Later, I'll get out my Christmas lights and start the cold task of putting them up on the bushes and trees in my front yard. It's a pleasant chore, and I can look forward to hot cocoa (perhaps with a bit of rum thrown in) in front of the fireplace when I'm done.

LOVELY BEVERAGES: Holiday Spiced Plum Green Tea

I love the concept for this year's holiday tea offering from Republic of Tea. I'm personally allergic to cinnamon, so I won't get to try this. But I'm confident enough in this tea company that I'll be happy to gift this to several friends and family members as part of their holiday gift baskets.

Holiday Spiced Plum, at Republic of Tea

LOVELY BLOGS: Color Outside the Lines

This blogger shares his decorating inspiration finds, as well as letting us peek into his own beautifully decorated home. Currently he's focusing on Christmas decorations, posting about pinecones, decorating with greens inside, and showing us his past Christmas trees. This blog will make you eager to work on your own holiday decorating asap!

LOVELY STATIONERY: Rock, Scissor, Paper's Holiday Cards

This is my favorite stationery store on the net. I love their vintage retro styled cards. They're colorful, cheerful, and best of all, the people I send them to probably won't have seen them around in the stores. I like surprising people with new pretty things like greeting cards. Check out the ladder back chair with gifts, the animal-themed Merry Menagerie, the oh-so-trendy right now owl card, and the peppermint martinis card.

Holiday Cards from Rock, Scissor, Paper


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