Friday, February 24, 2012

Frosty Friday


  • Get ready for the weekend! Fill up your car with gas, visit an ATM for cash, stop by a Redbox for a movie, drop Netflix returns into your outgoing mail, stop by the library to pick up or drop off books.

  • What are you wearing tonight? Put some extra time and thought into your outfit - look fun and fabulous tonight! I'm struggling with how to look cute and still stay warm in our 38 degree weather.

  • Tidy the house so you come home to a clean cozy home tonight after your evening's entertainment. Sweep front hall if needed; vacuum living or family room as needed; empty or fill dishwasher; wipe down kitchen and bathroom counters; replace kitchen towel and bathroom hand towels with clean ones; empty trash cans.

  • Treat yourself to some fresh flowers to enjoy over the weekend.


I refuse to spend my entire life cleaning - it's important, and I do some every day, but it's not the center of my life. Instead, the center of my life is family. No cleaning projects tonight - I'll be visiting relatives who are here from out of town for just one day, and going to Family Night tonight at another family's home.

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